Thailand: Latest from Red Shirt Protest

Red Shirt leader Wira has stated that, if the government dissolves parliament in 30 days and calls elections 60 days after that, the protesters will go home.  The government must also set up an independent committee to investigate the killings on 10 April and the government must stop all aggressive actions against the Red Shirts.

This was announced from the platform at the time when various diplomats and ambassadors visited the protest site to observe events and talk to the Red Shirt leaders.  Ambassadors present were from Argentina, Australia, Belgium, Denmark, and Peru.

Giles Ji Ungpakorn is a Thai socialist, currently in exile in the U.K.  His latest book Thailand’s Crisis and the Fight for Democracy will be published in April 2010.  See, also, “Thailand: Seeing through the Mist of Tear Gas” (MRZine, 16 April 2010).

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