• Thai Election: A Slap in the Face for the Military, the Democrat Party, and the Royalist Elites

    The Thai election results are a slap in the face for the dictatorship.  They prove without any doubt that the majority of people have rejected the military, the Democrat Party, and the royalist elites.  Peua Thai, the party closely allied to the Red Shirt movement, has won a clear majority.  The result is all the […]

  • Lèse Majesté, the Monarchy, and the Military in Thailand

    Excerpt: Despite the fact that millions of Thais believe that the centre of power among the conservative elites today is the Monarchy or the Privy Council, the real centre of power, lurking behind the Throne, is the Military. . . .  The power of the Military is not unlimited and it relies on the ideology […]

  • Thailand: NGO-COD Shows Scandalous Double Standards over the Violent Crackdown

    The Thai NGO Coordinating committee (NGO-COD) issued a statement on 20th May 2010 about the violence in Bangkok.  The statement blamed both the government and the UDD Red Shirts for the deaths.  This is despite the fact that the UDD protestors were unarmed and the government used tanks, snipers and weapons of war against the […]

  • Thailand: What YOU Can Do — Don’t Forget the Prisoners

    I often get asked about what people can do outside Thailand to help in the struggle for democracy and social justice.  After the appalling events of the past few days we can all help in the campaign against the Abhisit Government’s misinformation in our local media.  We can also help support any campaign to bring […]

  • Thailand: The Anger of the People Is Justified

    The anger of the ordinary people has finally erupted into violence with numerous buildings being set on fire in Bangkok and the provinces.  People are also trying to use any means to fight the army.  There are reports that government buildings, banks, the stock exchange, luxury shopping malls, and pro-military media are all being set […]

  • Thailand: What Would End the Violence in Bangkok?

    If the military-backed government of Abhisit Vejjajia dissolved parliament, announced fresh elections, and ordered a ceasefire, the violence would end immediately and the Red Shirts would all go home. In capitalist democratic countries, when there is a crisis, dissolving parliament and calling elections is a normal way to defuse serious tension.  In the 1970s British […]

  • Thailand: In the Killing Zone

    What kind of human being in army uniform calmly sits in a building and picks off unarmed civilians with their rifle like shooting targets at a fair?  This is what the Thai army is really like: cowardly, corrupt, brutal.  Time to abolish the Thai army and bring the generals to justice. See this slide show: […]

  • Thailand: Live Fire Zone

    Unconfirmed reports indicate that Abhisit’s soldiers have shot dead at least 50 people so far.  Hundreds are injured.  They say there are 500 “terrorists” in the protest site.  Earlier they said that they would use snipers to shoot “terrorists.” The only terrorists are in the government, the army, and the palace. The tyrants say that […]

  • Thailand: On the Brink of Civil War

    UDD Leadership Statement, 16:13 Bangkok Time, 14 May 2010: 1.  The government must stop the use of force, cease fire, and immediately withdraw troops back to barracks.  The government must end the state of emergency which has been an excuse to kill citizens. 2.  Parliament should be dissolved immediately, and Abhisit and Deputy Sutep must […]

  • Thailand: The Future of the Red Shirts

    Red Shirt protests in Bangkok, which started in mid-March, are about to be wound up.  The leaders have accepted a compromise with the military-backed Abhisit government.  Elections will not be held immediately, but on 14th November.  Earlier Abihist had indicated an election in February 2011 at the earliest. It is unclear whether the blanket censorship […]

  • Thailand: What Prime Minister Abhisit Really Offered Today

    Thai Prime Minister Abhisit trumpeted that he was making an important initiative today to “solve” the political crisis.  He offered to dissolve parliament in September and hold elections on 14th November 2010.  Previously he had said that he would not dissolve parliament until December.  Yet even this offer was conditional on there being “peace in […]

  • Thailand: It’s about Democracy, Stupid!

    In a democratic society, when there is a deep crisis, it is customary for the government to dissolve parliament and call elections in order for the people to decide.  This happened in Britain and France after mass strikes and demonstrations in the 1960s and 1970s. After mass Yellow Shirt protests against the government in Bangkok […]

  • Thailand: Red Shirts vs. Tanks

    Pro-democracy Red Shirt leaders believed an armed military crackdown was due at 4 am Bangkok time, 27th April.  Tense situation earlier.  But so far at 14:00 no sign of an attack. No Pasaran! Watch this video from 10th April 2010 (Prachatai).  This is how Abhisit’s military-backed government tries to stay in power: tanks against unarmed […]

  • Latest from Thailand

    After the military-backed Abhisit government rejected a peace offering by pro-democracy Red Shirts, this unelected government is preparing for a military crackdown against civilians.  Rather than hold democratic elections, they are prepared to cling to power with violence and blanket censorship of all forms of media. Mobile motorcycle troops carrying lethal weapons are driving around […]

  • Thailand: Abhisit’s Military Government Rejects Red Shirt Peace Offer, Orders Military Crackdown

    Abhisit’s military-backed government has rejected negotiations with the Red Shirts and the olive branch offered to the government by the Red Shirts yesterday.  After meeting with various foreign ambassadors at the protest site, the Red Shirt leaders offered a compromise demand: dissolve parliament in 1 month and elections 2 months after that.  But Abhisit’s military […]

  • Thailand: Latest from Red Shirt Protest

    Red Shirt leader Wira has stated that, if the government dissolves parliament in 30 days and calls elections 60 days after that, the protesters will go home.  The government must also set up an independent committee to investigate the killings on 10 April and the government must stop all aggressive actions against the Red Shirts. […]

  • Situation in Bangkok Very Tense

    Armed soldiers are again threatening to use lethal force against peaceful pro-democracy Red Shirts who are camped on the road at Rajprasong.  They have surrounded the protest site.  The nearby luxury hotels have been told to evacuate all guests.  A small group of fascist royalists is also cooperating with the soldiers by trying to incite […]

  • Thailand: Abhisit’s Soldiers Protecting the Country from Democracy!

    Only tyrants stay in power by sending tanks on to the streets.  So why won’t Abhisit call an immediate election?  Answer: he knows he would lose. Soldiers stand under a sign saying “We Won’t Use Violence.”  The guns are obviously for eating noodles. Abhisit says these people are terrorists! Keeping the streets safe from democracy. […]

  • Thailand: Seeing through the Mist of Tear Gas

    After the recent bloodshed on the streets of Bangkok, the army, the government, and the media, academics, and NGOs who have sided with the royalist elites, especially those who deceitfully call themselves “neutral,” are all trying to distort the major facts about what is happening in Thailand.  Together with the blanket censorship ordered by the […]

  • Thai Royalist Tyrants Use Violence to Cling to Power

    The gang of royalist tyrants: Abhisit’s Democrat Party, the military, the palace, and the bureaucratic elites can cling to power only through violence and lies.  As they use armed troops and tanks against pro-democracy demonstrators in Bangkok for the fifth time in forty years, the tyrants hope that a blanket of censorship throughout Thailand will […]