Thailand: Red Shirts vs. Tanks

Pro-democracy Red Shirt leaders believed an armed military crackdown was due at 4 am Bangkok time, 27th April.  Tense situation earlier.  But so far at 14:00 no sign of an attack.

No Pasaran!

Watch this video from 10th April 2010 (Prachatai).  This is how Abhisit’s military-backed government tries to stay in power: tanks against unarmed pro-democracy demonstrators.

Meanwhile, the Thai National Human Rights Committee, all wearing fascist Yellow Shirts, urge people to sue Red Shirt pro-democracy demonstrators for “violating their rights” because of the demonstrations.

Giles Ji Ungpakorn is a Thai socialist, currently in exile in the U.K.  His latest book Thailand’s Crisis and the Fight for Democracy will be published in April 2010.  See, also, “Thailand: Seeing through the Mist of Tear Gas” (MRZine, 16 April 2010).

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