Cubans Sign Books of Condolences for Lucius Walker


Among those who signed the books of condolences, leaving diverse expressions of love and respect, are students of the Latin American School of Medicine who are from the United States, the youth that the Reverend Lucius Walker, leader of Pastors for Peace, brought to Cuba.

At the Instituto Cubano de Amistad con los Pueblos (Cuban Institute for Friendship with the Peoples — ICAP) in Havana,
9 September 2010

At the ICAP in Camagüey, 17 September 2010

See, also, Bill Hackwell, “Adios to Lucius Walker Jr. in Harlem” (Havana Times, 18 September 2010); “Médicos estadounidenses de la ELAM honran la memoria de Lucius Walker en Haití” (CubaTV, 13 September 2010); and “Lo que impidió a líderes religiosos cubanos asistir a las exequias de Lucius Walker” (CubaTV, 18 September 2010).  You may send your condolences to Rev. Walker’s family and friends by signing the guest book for Rev. Lucius Walker.

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