Ireland: “We Can’t Pay That Money, and We Won’t Pay That Money”


Outside the General Post Office, Dublin, Ireland, 27.11.10

“Well, our gallant allies in Europe have arrived 95 years too late and uninvited, and instead of guns to help the revolution they have brought economic weapons of mass destruction.  Does anybody in this country or in Dáil Éireann think that we can as a people afford to pay 6.7 percent on money that we did not ask for in the first place and that is being forced upon us to bail out the banking system in Europe which is in hock to this country for €509 billion?  We can’t pay that money and we won’t pay that money.” — David Begg, General Secretary, Irish Congress of Trade Unions

Music (“Connolly Was There,” “Ordinary Man,” “No Time for Love”) by Christy Moore.

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