Israeli Settler Violence: Interview with Ahmad Jaradat

Fall 2010 was marked by a drastic rise in attacks by Israeli settlers against Palestinians. . . . According to a report published by the United Nation’s Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs, during the olive harvest 50 such attacks against Palestinians were reported.  127 Palestinians were injured in these incidents, and over 3,700 olive trees were burned, uprooted, killed with chemicals, or otherwise vandalized.  According to Ahmad Jaradat, Coordinator of the AIC Settlement and Settler Violence Project, over the last four years we have seen an increase in settler attacks of Palestinians during olive harvest.

This video was released by the Alternative Information Center on 9 December 2010.  The text above is a partial transcript of the video.  See, also, Ahmad Jaradat and Alicia Isani, “Israeli Settlers’ Violence Report — September and October 2010” (Alternative Information Center, 18 November 2010).

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