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Archive | February, 2011

Egyptian Workers Strike for Minimum Wage and Independent Unions

Workers’ demonstrations have swept across Egypt demanding an increase in the national minimum wage, an end to corrupt factory management, and the creation of independent workers’ unions. Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk are filmmakers based in Cairo, Egypt.  Read Rizk’s blog Tabula Gaza at <>.  Follow Rizk at <>.  This video was released by the […]

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Rally to Save Ohio’s Middle Class

  Tues. March 1 starting 10AM going all day West Lawn of the Statehouse THE SENATE IS EXPECTED TO VOTE ON SENATE BILL 5 TUESDAY. For more info, visit <>.   var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print  

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What Does the Libyan Opposition Want?

As everyone knows, Muammar Gaddafi is an authoritarian dictator.  Authoritarian dictators are a dime a dozen in world history, though, so that is not what would distinguish him from the rest of his kind in history books.  What might make him stand out is this: in the twilight of his autocratic career, Gaddafi had become […]

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Musa Sadr in Libya?

In 2007, Gaddafi expressed ambitions to revive a Fatimid state to create the foundations for a renaissance in North Africa, in a bid to attract the attention of Shia scholars and leaders.  In vain — for he unapologetically also expressed shockingly undemocratic sentiments to the effect that elections and coups are no different!  His failed […]

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Egypt: Mass Strikes and the Military Junta

Everyone is rightly upset about what the army did in Tahrir Square last night.  Let’s remember, however, the military already moved against peaceful protesters in Suez and is accused of involvement in arrest and torture of hundreds during the uprising.  And almost every day there is a statement from the army warning strikers and protesters, […]

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Cynicism’s Danse Macabre

The politics of plunder imposed by the United States and its NATO allies in the Middle East is in crisis.  This was inevitably unleashed with the high cost of grain, the effects of which are being felt with more force in the Arab nations where, despite their enormous oil resources, the shortage of water, arid […]

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Demonstration in Defense of Workers’ Rights at Ohio’s Statehouse

No on Senate Bill 5, 22 February 2011 Panayiotis T. Manolakos is an independent economist, writer, and activist based in Ohio.  The photographs above (available at are published under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs 3.0 United States License. var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print

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