• Egyptian Workers Strike for Minimum Wage and Independent Unions

    Workers’ demonstrations have swept across Egypt demanding an increase in the national minimum wage, an end to corrupt factory management, and the creation of independent workers’ unions. Jasmina Metwaly and Philip Rizk are filmmakers based in Cairo, Egypt.  Read Rizk’s blog Tabula Gaza at <tabulagaza.blogspot.com>.  Follow Rizk at <twitter.com/tabulagaza>.  This video was released by the […]

  • Cairo Intifada

    “This is an American shell, an American shell.  Mubarak is a collaborator funded by foreigners.  Mubarak is a spy.  We don’t want’ him.  Enough.  The people are suffocating.  The people are hungry.” Jasmina Metwaly is a Polish artist of Egyptian origin.  Philip Rizk is a German-Egyptian filmmaker.  Read Rizk’s blog Tabula Gaza at <tabulagaza.blogspot.com>.   Follow […]