Bahrain: Teachers on Strike


“When the General Strike was announced yesterday, I didn’t give it much heed. . . .  Teachers, some of them at least, heeded that call. I noticed a few gathering with their Bahraini flags and a couple of hastily written placards standing in front of their school’s gate near where I live.  I approached them, took some pictures and interviewed one.  Wanting to check the other schools in the area, I hit the motherload at the Duraz Intermediate Girls’ School nearby — you’ll know what I mean when you view the following video — and then off I went to the school next door where they were striking too. . . . Is this the start of another ‘phenomenon’ in Bahrain?  One thing is for sure: Bahrain before the 14th of February 2011 is most definitely different from Bahrain after it.” — Mahmood N. Al Yousif

Mahmood N. Al Yousif, managing director of Gulf Broadcast and Professional Systems, keeps a popular blog Mahmood’s Den.  The text above is an excerpt from his 20 February 2011 blog entry, reproduced here for non-profit educational purposes.


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