Bahrain: The Revolutionary Camp Stands Firm


Bahraini man in the revolutionary camp: “Zine El Abidine down, Mubarak down, Al Khalifa down, down, down.”

James Bays: “Can the king make political concessions, or is it too late?”

Bahraini woman in the revolutionary camp: “It’s too late.  Too late now.  Now the people, they — you can hear them — they want to change all the government.  They want a new government.  They want to choose by themselves.  They want elections.” . . .

James Bays: One opposition politician [of Al Wifaq] visiting the [Pearl] Roundabout [Manama’s central square] was told very clearly he should not enter into any negotiations.  A politician who talks to the royal family, he was told, has the blood of those who died on his hands. . . .

Chant in the revolutionary camp: The people want to overthrow the regime!  The people want to overthrow the regime!

James Bays: There seems to be a disconnect between the opposition politicians and the views of these people.  They say they don’t want this government at all.  Many say they want the king to leave the country.

This video was released by Al Jazeera on 21 February 2011.  The text above is an edited partial transcript of the video.

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