Syrians Tweet Back to Obama

After US President Barack Obama declared on 18 August 2011: “For the sake of the Syrian people, the time has come for President Assad to step aside.” . . .

Haneen Khaddour (18 August 2011): “Here we go again #american intervention.  No one wants you in #syria

Sate (18 August 2011): “Ya’ aha Obama.  So someone injected in your brain the idea that you represent us Syrians?  Gee thanks for lettin us know.  Now buzz off.  #Syria

Maher Al Shaaban (18 August 2011): “Heard Obama say ‘Syria would be better without Assad’, well guess what Mr President ‘the whole universe would be better without the US'”; “And of course by the US I mean United States government #previoustweet

3arabiSouri (19 August 2011):#Syria#Obama still thinks he’s the leader of the super power that carries the role of world policeman, via

Oulabi (18 August 2011): “Any demonstrations happening tomorrow would probably be viewed as a pro-western pro-Obama speech demo, like to see the outcome.  #Syria

Bassam AlKadi
Bassam AlKadi (18 August 2011): “If you leave now, Bashar, you’re a traitor . . . and beat it ye servants of NATO!”

Okeanos963 (18 August 2011): “Yup.  Bashar can leave at any other time but not now.  We can’t afford the alternative.  #Syria #Assad #Homs #Hama #Latakia #Damascus

Cf. “#Syria-n Hoax Amina blog, false account of protestors, fake babies in Hama, death of Ali Habib, ‘Naval Shelling’ and now ‘stadium stories'” (KsarSham, 18 August 2011); “Back from Syria, & have to say had a great holiday with the family, out and about like every year, no near the problems as the ‘news’ claim” (Lema Oulabi, 18 August 2011); “Assad should ‘step aside’, Turkish attacks in north Iraq, Kurdish lethal attacks inside Turkey, qualitative operation inside Israel (with RPGs mind you) . . . and, most importantly, the extension of some sort of US presence in Iraq!” (“The Big Bazaar Is Wide Open!” Friday Lunch Club, 18 August 2011).


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