Massive Pro-government Rally in Syria in Rejection of Foreign Interference

Saba Bahrat Square, Damascus, 12 October 2011

Baghdad Street, Damascus, 12 October 2011

Women and Youth, Damascus, 12 October 2011

Cf. “LOL AlJazeera is saying that tens of thousands were at the rally today while MILLIONS rally at the anti ones.  Da funk?” (Joud, 12 October 2011); “Notice that when demonstrations take place in support of the Syrian regime they are not covered.  Their coverage conflicts with the narrative of Western governments.  Tyrannical regimes do have basis of support” (As’ad AbuKhalil, “Syrian Regime Demonstration,” Angry Arab News Service, 12 October 2011); “A few hundred turned out for pro-Mubarak [rallies] compared to the million anti-Mubarak, their revo was successful, in Syria it’s the opposite” (@ooulabi, 12 October 2011).

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