Syria, Iran, and Imperialism


Jorge Insunza: Look, the Communist Party of Syria, which is a great, serious, and responsible Communist Party and which is not part of the Syrian government, says that it is necessary for Syria to make progress in the deepening of the real exercise of democratic rights.  That there have been flaws and errors is an objective fact.  However, North American intervention would not solve any democratic problem.  On the contrary, it would result in the establishment of a power that would be much more repressive than the current government which allows the existence of parties that are not part of it and have critical perspectives as in the case of the Communist Party of Syria.

Jorge Insunza is a leader of the Communist Party of Chile.  He is a member of its Central Committee and Political Commission.  He is currently in charge of the party’s international relations.  This interview was released by TeleSur on 3 February 2012.  The text above is a brief excerpt from the interview, translated into English.

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