Urgent Call for Active Solidarity Action to Stop Police Brutality in Turkey!

Dear comrades, friends, sisters, and brothers of our movement!

This is an urgent call for more active international solidarity actions with people who are fighting for their democratic rights in all cities and towns of Turkey.

Prime Minister Erdogan and his government are attacking people who are trying to voice their democratic demands in all city squares, with tear gas, water cannons, other despotic measures and civil war threats.

According to the Turkish Medical Association’s firsthand data, as of 5th June, 3 people are dead; 4,355 have been treated for injuries, 10 have lost their eyes, and 3 are in critical condition because of anti-riot police brutality.  Even on 6th June, the day when the delegation for Gezi Park met with the Vice Prime Minister, in various cities, especially in Ankara, deadly attacks of the anti-riot police against peaceful demonstrations continued without a break.

In spite of the widespread calls at the national and international levels, Erdogan, with the declaration he made just before returning from his North African visit, showed that he will continue to insist on his anti-democratic attitude against the demands of the Gezi Park resistance and the other democratic demands of our people.  People in Turkey are really anxious that after Erdogan’s return the scope of police brutality will expand, causing more violence and death.

We call on friends of our movement, who until now have shown real and warm solidarity with the democratic demands of the people in Turkey, to start urgent effective actions and demonstrations, like permanent sit-ins and tent protests in front of the Turkish embassies and consulates in their towns and cities, and to issue a call for tourism boycott in order to urge the Turkish government to stop police brutality.

In solidarity from Gezi Parkı, Taksim Square,

Cigdem Cidamli (People’s Houses)
on behalf of the members of the movement

For more information, email: <cigdem@sendika.org>.

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