KCK: The Gezi Resistance Is a Message for a New Turkey


The KCK (Union of Communities in Kurdistan) Executive Council said that the Gezi Park protests, which began as social resistance, have sent a message calling for a new, democratic Turkey.  The KCK called on the Kurdish people to take initiative, saying that the Kurds should fulfill responsibility by working with the democratic forces in Turkey so that the Democratic Solution Process will develop on the right track.

The KCK Executive Council stated that the social resistance around Gezi Park has an important message.  Noting that the current situation poses significant consequences for Turkey’s transition into a democratic country, the council also warned against “opportunist” approaches.  The KCK called on the democratic and working-class sections of civil society to stand against potential barriers to the Democratic Solution Process.

Police Violence Is Contrary to the Spirit of Democratic Solution

The KCK’s statement follows:

The protests that started 9 days ago and developed around the events in Gezi Park exhibit a significant picture.  The use of water cannons, truncheons, and tear gas by the police against the development of a social, democratic reflex is a manifestation of the logic of an anti-democratic sovereign nation-state.  The Kurdish people, who have experienced state violence the most, know exactly what this violence means.  The AKP’s use of such police violence against civil society is a clear contradiction to the spirit of the ongoing Democratic Solution Process.

The Democratic Solution Process is not only a process aiming to resolve the Kurdish question but also a critical period aiming to democratize the whole of Turkey.  In order for Turkey to democratize and become a civil, democratic country, violence and militarization must be done away with.  However, despite the AKP pushing the armed forces back, the promotion of the police leaves violence of the same nature to exist.  The perspective of the Democratic Solution Process is to create a new, democratic Turkey.  The civilian reflex against the interventions of the government into the private lives of individuals and against the government attacks on green public spaces represents a serious social stance.  Police brutality to suppress it has only exacerbated the problem.

The Message of a New Turkey

There is nothing more natural than the democratic response of people to a situation which will affect their freedoms and ways of life.  This is exactly what the protests at Gezi Park are expressing.  The use of violence against society, ignoring society’s demands, will always lead to the manifestation of potential powers that society holds.  This situation has important implications for Turkey undergoing its democratic transition.  The Gezi Park resistance has shown the need for a new democratic constitution and a civilian-led administration establishing a reformed, democratic Turkey.  It is vital that the demands of society are attended to and fulfilled as they are of fundamental importance for Turkey’s future.  To begin with, the government should meet the demands of the Taksim Solidarity Platform.

The Kurdish People Should Not Remain Inactive During This Period

There are also racist-nationalist forces who are seeking to opportunistically exploit this social reflex to sabotage the ongoing Democratic Solution Process.  Those democratic sections of society who are working hard and who make up the foundations of the Gezi Park resistance should be aware of the threats that these forces pose towards the Democratic Solution Process and should work to strengthen the process.  The Kurdish people should fulfill responsibility by working with the democratic forces in Turkey to ensure that the Democratic Solution Process will develop on the right track.  The democratic reflexes against injustices, anti-democratic practices, and fascistic repressions in Turkey will have positive consequences if they come together with the Kurdish Freedom Movement.  The aim should be to insist on continuing the democratization of Turkey so that the democratic will of the people is made clearer.  In this framework, the Kurdish Freedom Movement has the responsibility to unite with the democratic forces and resolve the Kurdish problem by freeing Turkey from all sorts of repression and violence, creating a democratic Turkey together.

Opportunism at the Border

In order to complete the first steps of the Democratic Solution Process, our forces have shown great devotion and determination by undertaking their responsibilities.  However, as seen in Uludere and Bingöl, certain actions including military interventions contradicting the process have created pressures.  Such actions will make the process difficult.  Provocatively changing border positions, just because there is a ceasefire and the PKK are inactive, is a wrong route to take.  All the forces at the borders should remain in the same places as they were last year.  For example, last year the Uludere commander’s attempt at changing the balance at the border resulted in conflict.  Though hardly covered by the media, similar opportunist attempts made by the army commanders near Oramar (Dağlıca) have resulted in conflicts time and time again.

Everybody Needs to Be Sensitive

So, the AKP, by declaring that it has entered a democratic solution process for peace and yet using excessive force against people and waging a kind of war, conveys a stance that is diametrically opposed to the purposes of the process and thus completely unacceptable.  In order for Turkey to reform democratically, everybody needs to approach this critical period with sensitivity and responsibility.

The successful organizing of the First Middle East Women’s Conference is indicative of the democratization of the Middle East and represents an important step in working for peace.  We celebrate the conference, embrace the decisions and approaches adopted by it, and are in full support of them.

The original article in Turkish was published by Ajansa Nûçeyan a Firatê/Firat News Agency: <www.firatnews.com/news/guncel/kck-gezi-direnisi-yeni-bir-turkiye-mesajidir.htm>.  The text here is based on a translation provided by Hevallo, published here for your information.