PFLP: Proposal for “Calm” Seeks New Chains on the Resistance

The Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine noted that despite what has been reported in news agencies regarding the words of President Abu Mazen and his claimed approval of the so-called Egyptian initiative, the Palestinian factions were not consulted regarding this initiative, no decisions were approved by any Palestinian institution, and this matter has not been addressed by the Executive Committee of the Palestine Liberation Organization or the Palestinian leadership.  All Palestinian factions were informed of this so-called initiative via media reporting.  It noted that “we in the PFLP will continue armed resistance as long as the Zionist enemy is occupying our homeland.”

Furthermore, the PFLP said that the reported Egyptian “ceasefire initiative” in media outlets does not meet the basic needs and requirements of the Palestinian people to stop the aggression and protect the Palestinian people and their resistance.  Instead, what is required is a different and serious Arab position to stop the Zionist aggression and provide support and resources for the steadfastness of our people.

The PFLP reiterated its position to reject truce with the occupation which is engaged in a permanent war of aggression against the Palestinian people and which exploits so-called “calm” to impose conditions on the Palestinian people and undermine resistance while continuing the building of settlements, the Judaization of Jerusalem, the construction of the apartheid wall, and the full implementation of the Zionist project throughout Palestine.

The supposed ceasefire proposal does not bring any of this to an end, does not stop the aggressions and invasions in our cities towns and villages, does not protect Palestinians from the violent settlers, does not stop the violations of Al-Aqsa Mosque and holy sites, nor does it stop the ongoing policy of assassinations, arrests, imprisonment and fascist abuse of detainees.

Accordingly, the PFLP once again calls for an alternative approach to the issue of “calm.”  Decisions about the tactics of the resistance should be made within the framework of the resistance as part of a unified national vision addressing the interests of our people at any given time, and without any restrictions on the continuation of resistance against the occupation.

This statement in English was first published by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine on its Web site on 15 July 2014.