On the SYRIZA Government’s Agreement with the Eurogroup

No matter what you call it, the government’s agreement is in form and substance a clear extension of the memorandum, with strict supervision, with evaluation by the institutions (troika), and especially with the continuation of the anti-people reforms.  Any revision of the program, e.g. lower primary surpluses, will be done not to actually relieve the people, but to further boost the capitalist recovery, i.e. the profitability of capital, while the people remains saddled with the anti-people measures taken in previous years.  That is why even the crumbs from the government with its program will depend on approval by the government’s partners on the condition that fiscal discipline and economic recovery are not jeopardized.

The people, who bled all these years and was hoping for something better, must not be demoralized, much less abandon the goal of actually abolishing the memoranda and the laws that implement them and of recovering the losses.  We can succeed by pursuing the path of struggle toward the liberation from the EU, the unilateral cancellation of the debt, and the socialization of the country’s wealth.

The original statement “Ανακοίνωση του Γραφείου Τύπου για τη συμφωνία της κυβέρνησης στο Eurogroup” (21 February 2015) is available at the Web site of the Communist Party of Greece (KKE).