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Dimensions of economic power: today’s key corporations

Originally published: Economics of Imperialism on October 20, 2017 (more by Economics of Imperialism)  |

The images below are from a lecture I gave to at SOAS, London University, on 18 October. This was part of a series organised by the SOAS Economics Department, and my lecture covered the forms taken by corporate power today, focusing on Apple, Google/Alphabet, Facebook, Amazon and Alibaba.

The lecture was a little longer than planned because the projector repeatedly turned itself off, probably due to a loose cable! Both the 45 minute lecture and the following 30 minute discussion can be heard here.

Note *: The images below have my name, the lecture title and the date running through them because on previous occasions some websites had simply used my lecture slides with no attribution. —Tony Norfield.

3 Dimensions of Economic Power. (Tony Norfield)

Overview. (Tony Norfield)Economic Power. (Tony Norfield)

Global Corporations. (Tony Norfield)10 global corporations. (Tony Norfield)Market Capitalisation. (Tony Norfield)Apple 1. (Tony Norfield)Apple 2. (Tony Norfield)Advertising market. (Tony Norfield)Alphabet/Google. (Tony Norfield)Alphabet/Google2. (Tony Norfield)Facebook. (Tony Norfield)Facebook 2. (Tony Norfield)Amazon. (Tony Norfield)Amazon 2. (Tony Norfield) Allibaba 2. (Tony Norfield)Major company summary. (Tony Norfield)Producing vs. Appropriating. (Tony Norfield)


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