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Puerto Rico governor calls for ‘elimination’ of Venezuela’s government

Originally published: Morning Star Online on October 4, 2018 (more by Morning Star Online)  |

GOVERNOR of Puerto Rico Ricardo Rossello has called for the “elimination” of Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro and announced that a summit of opposition leaders will be held on the occupied U.S. island later this month.

Mr Rossello called for the overthrow of the democratically elected Bolivarian government during a joint press conference on Tuesday with ex-mayor of Caracas Antonio Ledezma.

The pair signed an agreement to “support the return of democracy” in Venezuela, promising to open “humanitarian channels of support to that country, by land, air, and sea.”

He explained that high-level discussions regarding the removal of Mr Maduro had taken place and they were looking at “concrete results,” with Puerto Rico offering to act as the headquarters for a transitional government in Venezuela.

“What should happen is that the dictatorship should be eliminated. We are defining what will happen afterwards, and what steps are to be taken,” Mr Rossello told reporters.

He shared plans to establish a Commission for the Reconstruction of Venezuela by hosting a two-day summit in San Juan on October 20 and 21, where Venezuelan opposition leaders and their supporters will discuss regime change in Caracas.

“We want to be ready for the day after, so that Venezuela counts on a government and an ordered and adequate transition. So that you know that you have friends across the world, Puerto Rico is going to be this connector for the coordination of all of this help,” he declared.

Mr Ledezma said that,

A logistical operation will be launched from this Antillean Island.

The leader of the Soy Venezuela opposition group was arrested in 2015 on charges of conspiracy and criminal association for his role in violent attempts to overthrow the government of former leader Hugo Chavez.

He managed to flee the country in November last year and has constantly sought support to undermine the Bolivarian revolution, calling for foreign intervention.

Despite Mr Maduro being re-elected with 67.7 per cent of the vote in elections qualified as transparent, free, and fair in May, the United States and European Union have placed tough economic sanctions on Venezuela in a bid to strangle its economy.

US President Donald Trump was reported to have held discussions about the possibility of a military coup against Mr Maduro, who has accused the U.S. of collusion with neighbouring Colombia over a recent assassination attempt after a drone opened fire during a military parade.

Mr Maduro had not responded at the time the Star went to print.

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