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Venezuelan social movements appeal to the World to condemn U.S. crimes against humanity

Originally published: Translated on March 11, 2019 by Internationalist 360 (more by Translated)  | (Posted Mar 13, 2019)

Social Movements Call for Denunciation of U.S. War Action Against Venezuela

The Venezuelan people appeal for support from all the social organizations across the five continents, to denounce the U.S. government for launching cybernetic weapons and electromagnetic pulse weapons against our nation, causing a blackout throughout the country on March 7.

This ruthless act of war has caused serious problems in hospitals, maternity wards, communication networks, drinking water distribution networks and sanitation systems, financial and commercial systems, transportation networks, not to mention the impact on millions of Venezuelan families on their daily lives.

Since the first recorded attack until now, the national government continues to work together with the electricity industry and the Bolivarian National Armed Force to restore electricity and all affected networks, and provide extraordinary support to affected health centres.

At the same time, the Venezuelan people have demonstrated an enormous commitment to peace by developing solidarity and community based ways of maintaining calm and helping each other in the midst of such a delicate situation.

We demand that this action against a civilian population should be treated as a State crime against humanity perpetrated by the government of Donald Trump, considering the connection that has been made public and communicated by political actors linked to his administration and political base. In this regard, we ask that this serious denunciation be replicated before governments and international organizations from all the unions, parties, networks and social movements of the countryside and the city.

We know that this attack originates from the need for the U.S. to take control of our oil and for this they are determined to make our people suffer, as Marco Rubio, Mike Pompeo, John Bolton, Elliot Abrams, Mike Pence and Donald Trump have all declared. Against this we reaffirm our people’s determination to be free and to preserve the democracy and sovereignty that we have achieved in these years, the destiny of Venezuela is determined by Venezuelans in peace, we will continue to raise the banner of our historic project: communal socialism from the power of the people.

We condemn the terrorist attack of the US against Venezuela!
Hands off Venezuela!
Stop the Yankee Interference!


ALBA Movimientos capítulo Venezuela
Chavismo Bravío
Movimiento de Pobladoras y Pobladores
Movimiento Otro Beta
Frente Francisco de Miranda
Corriente Revolucionaria Bolívar y Zamora
Frente Cultural de Izquierda
Araña Feminista
Colectivo La Otra Escuela
Movimiento Juventud de Izquierda Consciente
Fuerza Patriótica Alexis Vive-Comuna El Panal 2021
Colectivo Género con Clase
Frente Bicentenario de Mujeres 200
Comité de Víctimas de la Guarimba
Coordinadora Simón Bolívar
Colectivo Sures
Frente Amplio de Los Consejos Socialistas de Trabajadoras y Trabajadores
Ejército Productivo Obrero
Plataforma Socialista Golpe de Timón
CEF Aquelarre Caribeño
Colectivo Ciudad Canción
Clap Vientos Bolivarianos
Fundación de Solidaridad Internacionalista Pakito Arriaran
Tatuy TV Comunitaria
Red de intelectuales, artistas y movimientos sociales en defensa de la humanidad
Capítulo Venezuela
Ateneo Popular de Caracas
Cátedra de Geopolitica y Paz, UNEFA
Consejo Comunal y CLAP El Buen Vecino
Plataforma de Lucha Campesina

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