• | Evo Morales on Prohibition to Wear Indigenous Garments in Ministry HQ | MR Online

    Evo Morales on prohibition to wear Indigenous garments in Ministry HQ

    Bolivia ‘s leader Evo Morales reacted to an internal memo from the foreign ministry of the de facto government in Bolivia, prohibiting personal use of traditional Indian attire inside the headquarters of the ministry during the workday.

  • | Thousands March in Response to Cochabamba Massacre as the Dictatorship Prepares for a State of Siege | MR Online

    Thousands march in response to Cochabamba massacre as the dictatorship prepares for a State of siege

    The Bolivian security forces set up road blocks across Cochabamba today as mass demonstrations are taking place against the brutal attacks carried out against the people last week.

  • | Those who lead the coup détat made a mistake so profound that there is no longer anything that can stop the escalation that pushes towards the city of La Paz | MR Online

    Inferno and the plan of the Coup d’Etat in Bolivia

    Each night there are vigils, fires, an unwavering decision: the historic, Aymara, ancient, and more recent memory of the 2003 uprising where sixty people were killed.

  • | De Facto Government Issues Decree Granting Impunity to Bolivian Police and Armed Forces | MR Online

    De Facto Government issues decree granting impunity to Bolivian Police and Armed Forces

    After the coup d’état forged against former president Evo Morales, the self-proclaimed interim president Jeanine Añez returned the favour to the Armed Forces with a decree that allows them to repress regardless of whether that action violates the law. She also made available the entire state apparatus in case it is “required”.


    Communiqué of the Movement to Socialism (MAS-IPSP)

    The Bolivian people are living through terrible moments, with police officers and motorcyclists storm the streets and the military high command deciding to attack the citizens as a means of pacification, including preventing prominent people, religious leaders and political leaders from finding constitutional and democratic solutions to the crisis we are facing.

  • | Blanca Eekhout | MR Online

    Socialist feminism and the Communal State

    Blanca Eekhout is the Minister of People’s Power for the Communes and Social Movements of Venezuela and a woman linked to revolutionary militancy long before President Hugo Chávez came to power, whose team she was part of.

  • | amazon burning | MR Online

    Declaration of the Network in Defense of Humanity: Save the Amazon! Save the Planet!

    The Network in Defense of Humanity joins the worldwide mobilization in protest against the ecological disaster caused by the fires in the Amazon and against the transnational corporations and politicians directly responsible for the catastrophe.

  • | Martha Lia Grajales founder and organizer of the Unidos San Agustin Convive cooperative Venezuelanalysis | MR Online

    Building socialism from below

    The state is a disputed territory, and [entering into it] is necessary if we want to promote popular interests, but state power is not in any way the goal. In any effort to build popular power, there must be synergy between the bottom and the top. The key issue here is that what is done “from above” must strengthen popular power from below.

  • | Elías Jaua | MR Online

    Defending Chavez’s project today

    I began to work directly with Comandante Hugo Chavez in May 1996. By that time, Chavez was already exploring the idea of participating in elections.

  • | Hundreds join anti NATO march through US capital in revival of broad antiwar movement | MR Online

    U.S. imperialist domination in Latin America and Europe

    The history of empires amply demonstrates that in their phase of decline they become more violent and bloodthirsty, and that their leaders tend to be coarser and more brutal. Not only their leaders, as Donald Trump clearly demonstrates. Also its environment of advisors reflects similar devolution, becoming something similar to what Harold Laski, referring to the leaders of European fascism, called “outlaw elites”.

  • | Toxic barrels | MR Online

    Eight Years After: No End in Sight for Clearing the Fukushima Nuclear Disaster

    The most critical problem is that three reactors in the Fukushima Daiichi nuclear power plant had been damaged and the 250 tons of more than 1600 spent fuel rods were “reckoned” to have fallen to the bottom of the reactor vessel after having melted at high temperatures. The radiation level there was too high for humans to possibly come close, let alone remove the molten nuclear residue.

  • | Venezuela why Trump backs Guaido and protestors want Maduro out Vox Vox | MR Online

    Venezuelan social movements appeal to the World to condemn U.S. crimes against humanity

    Social Movements Call for Denunciation of U.S. War Action Against Venezuela The Venezuelan people appeal for support from all the social organizations across the five continents, to denounce the U.S. government for launching cybernetic weapons and electromagnetic pulse weapons against our nation, causing a blackout throughout the country on March 7. This ruthless act of […]

  • | Joao Pedro Stédile | MR Online

    Joao Pedro Stédile: “Venezuela is extremely important because it is the battle of this century”

    It is a fundamental task for the class struggle that we succeed in liberating Lula so that he becomes the principal spokesman, he is the one who has the capacity to help mobilize the masses against the system and the project of the extreme right.

  • | Sergey Lavrov Delcy Rodriguez | MR Online

    Russia on Venezuela: U.S. mercenaries and direct military intervention

    We are certainly worried about the U.S. plans to arm militants in order to destabilise the situation in Venezuela and, frankly speaking, invade this sovereign country.