In Commune: Altos de Lídice


In this series, In Commune, Venezuelanalysis will explore different experiences of rural and urban communes to help better understand what these highly interesting bodies mean, how they have been put into practice, and what they could signify for the continuity of the Bolivarian Revolution in the current situation of political and economic imperialist aggression.

The first episode looks at Altos de Lidice Commune in Caracas.

This video was made recently about the Altos de Lidice Commune in Caracas. We were there.
Traveling with William Camacaro, we met Jesus and other leaders, saw some of the facilities, and heard some of their plans for the future. Example: They have found someone who melts down plastic bottles and make chairs and other things from them. We left seeds for the garden you see in the video. It is very steep so they have terraces.

Things are difficult and complicated, but we heard from many people around the country how they are getting a little better as they devise new solutions to their problems. Example: In the sea side fishing and resort town Choroní we were told that we were the first gringos they had seen in a long time, but that the holiday season had actually brought a lot of Venezuelan tourists to the hotels and restaurants.

– Peter Lackowski

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