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Mészáros 90 – Eszmélet

Originally published: The Eszmélet Youtube Channel on December 7, 2020 (more by The Eszmélet Youtube Channel) (Posted Dec 09, 2020)

The Eszmélet, a quarterly journal for social critique and culture will organise an international panel discussion on the occasion that István Mészáros, the great Marxist philosopher was born 90 years ago. The new issue of Eszmélet 127-128 (Winter 2020) will be published in December with a specific block dedicated for Mészáros’s anniversary. In this volume, a very interesting paper by John Bellamy Foster analyses the posthumous work of István Mészáros, Beyond Leviathan.

The online event organized by Attila Antal (editor in chief) will be open for the public.


John Bellamy Foster, professor of sociology at the University of Oregon, editor of Monthly Review

Judith Valencia, economist at Universidad Central de Venezuela

Ricardo Antunes, sociologist at University of Campinas (UNICAMP/Brazil)

Tamás Krausz, historian, founding-editor of Eszmélet

The event moderated by Attila Melegh, sociologist at Corvinus University of Budapest, editor of Eszmélet.

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