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Leading from the front: The role of women in Farmers’ movement

Originally published: The Quint on February 4, 2021 by Jasbir Kaur Natt (more by The Quint)  | (Posted Feb 17, 2021)

As lakhs of farmers continue their protest against the new farm legislations introduced by the Modi government, a remarkable number of women are not only braving the rough weather by participating in these demonstrations but are also leading from the front.

The agitation which has now entered its third month is being deemed as one of the world’s biggest protests where farmers from several states in the country marched to India’s national capital in late November and early December of 2020.

The Quint travelled to the Tikri Border and spoke to women leaders. We asked them about their roles in the movement and the motivation behind participation in the agitation in such huge numbers.

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