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The Copenhagen Summit for Democracy: the new Nazis

Originally published: Internationalist 360° on June 4, 2021 (more by Internationalist 360°)

On May 10-11 a conference was presented by the “Alliance of Democracies” in Copenhagen that claimed to “unite free peoples” against authoritarianism, to promote the rule of law, to advance the “technological control of democracy,” freedom of expression and U.S. leadership. It was heralded as a forum for guests to hear from prominent individuals on “the frontlines of defending democracy.”

But the true purpose of the Summit was revealed by the opening invitation from the 12th NATO Secretary General (2009-2014) and 24th Danish Prime Minister (2001-2009), Anders Fogh Rasmussen, who celebrated the fact that the first Summit in 2018 was opened by Joe Biden and by the fact that it was moderated by Politico’s Ryan Heath and former ABC and CNN correspondent, Jeanne Meserve, who if not assets of the CIA, acted as if they were.

In an opening video, still on their website inviting people to attend, Rasmussen claims that the USA is the “defender of democracy” against oppression and then immediately cited Belarus, Myanmar, Hong Kong, Taiwan as places where ‘democracy is under threat.” Rasmussen played his role of piper of the NATO propagandists to the end and the clearly scripted and small audience in attendance dutifully played along.

At the opening of the conference Rasmussen once again claimed that the U.S. led the “democracies against “authoritarianism “ without defining what the latter word means. What government is not an authority? What government does not have laws and mechanisms of government that the citizens are to follow and obey? Is the American police state, the state in which 3 people are killed by the police every day not an “authoritarian state” a state in which only two parties, with almost no difference between them, are allowed to vie for power, and in which the media are completely controlled by the secret services and their link to the corporate powers that control the government, not “authoritarian”?

And are not the socialist democracies of China, of Cuba, Vietnam, Venezuela, and the capitalist democracies of Russia and other nations unwilling to bend to the will of the USA also democracies? Of course they are and the socialist democracies provide the people with more ability to have a say in government decisions than our parliamentary style democracies.

So, we understand that Rasmussen is misusing language to fool people so that they cannot see behind the veil and realise that he represents the powers of capital that want to control the world and by “democracy” he really means, the free flow of western capital, and by “authoritarian” he means any nation that refuses to be controlled by western capital.

He went on to state that the “western democracies, and NATO,” the armed fist of western capital, “actively support “protestors in Hong Kong, Myanmar, Belarus, Venezuela, Belarus in their “desire for freedom” Some freedom, some desire. Freedom to overthrow socialism, all progress for working people, for the poor of the world, freedom to overthrow even capitalist states that do not obey the orders of western capital.

He then called for what he called a Copenhagen Charter, modelled on the Atlantic Charter that created NATO, and having a clause 5 similar to NATO’s Article 5, whereby any western democracy threatened by for example China, can call on its allies to take retaliatory measure against the alleged offending country. This idea is to be brought forward at a World Democracy Summit to be opened by President Biden later this year. He used as an illustration the mild sanctions that China placed on some U.S. and European personalities in response to their economic warfare and sanctions placed on China. Of course Rasmussen never mentioned that it is the USA and its allies that are the ones dictating to the world what to do, using their military and economic power to assert their claimed authority over the world, who are, in fact the supreme authoritarians of the world.

In case viewers did not yet understand who was running the show Rasmussen stated that, “US leadership is crucial” and the “purpose of this Summit is to “provide ideas to President Biden for the global summit conference” later this year.

He then introduced a series of American sycophants. I will not burden you with all of them, as you can watch the conference for yourselves on their website. I will draw your attention to those that set the tone and the main focus of the conference so you get the sense of it.

The first person of note was the President of Slovakia, Zusana Caputova, who blathered on about the “importance of the rule of law” to an audience who all support the American violations of international law around the world, American aggression around the world, and who have nothing but contempt for international law, the sovereignty of nations, and like a dutiful minion of the hegemonic power declared that the countries that challenge their “rules based order,” that is, the American dictatorship, must be condemned and forced to relent.

She ended by stating that, “supporting activists in Hong Kong is not foreign interference in China’s internal affairs.” This, from a flunky for the Americans, who have been using the false claims of Russian and Chinese interference in their internal affairs to bang the drums of war against those two nations for several years.

But then something surprising occurred, The next speaker, Nico Jaspers, CEO of the polling organization, LATANA, stated that his organisations polls showed that, world wide, the United States was seen as the greatest threat to democracy and as creating the greatest economic inequality for its citizens than any other nation.

You could hear a pin drop as he spoke and the confused looks on the audience present. But he covered himself in an acceptable way by agreeing with the suggestion by the odious Jeanne Meserve that this perception was no doubt a glitch due to the terrible reign of Donald Trump and that, under Biden, all would be well.

Then came Uffe Elbaeka Danish Member of Parliament who echoed the previous speakers and also declared Denmark’s support for the Hong Kong “activists that is the 5tth columnists in Hong Kong working for western intelligence agencies whose sole purpose is not the betterment of the lives of people in China, but the destruction of the Chinese Communist Party and China as a sovereign state. He ended his speech with a call to boycott the Beijing Olympic Games.

Tom Tugendhat, head of the UK Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Committee, continued the attack on China and the Communist Party, and though he had to acknowledge that the Communists had brought prosperity to China he was evidently angry that they did and the capitalists did not, and stated that economic prosperity “is no good under an authoritarian regime.” This from a man who comes from a nation that saw millions flee as immigrants to other countries after World War Two due to economic hardship, and whose people today are barely able to cover their bills, and when they cannot sleep rough on the street, a nation that became powerful by colonising large areas of the world, including India where they reduced the people to poverty they are still struggling to escape and which ruled Hong Kong during its occupation as a fiefdom without any democracy whatsoever.

He exemplified the overpowering hypocrisy of the event when asked what the thinks of the recently imposed sanctions by China by stating,

Sanctions are an attack on the people that impose them, they come back to bite you.

He said this with all earnestness as if he actually believed the nonsense coming out of his mouth, this man whose nation has joined in all the sanctions imposed on many countries by the USA around the world. When one hears someone talking about a reality that does not exist it is difficult to escape the conclusion that the speaker is delusional. But so it is.

This charade turned into farce with the next series of speaker the first being Tsai Ing-Wen, who was introduced as “the President of the Republic of China”, who referred Taiwan as a “country” instead of the Chinese province it is, and who called on the USA to enhance Taiwan’s defence and raved on about “fighting socialism and authoritarianism.”

Then followed members of parliament from, France, the EU, Japan and Australia who repeated the attacks on China who were then followed by the presentation of Juan Guaido as the “Interim President of Venezuela,” news I am sure to Venezuelans, then Nathan Law the Hong Kong 5th columnist working with the British in London, who was touted as a “leader of the democratic opposition,” by Wai Wai Nu, touted as the same for Burma, the western, colonial name for Myanmar, and finally Sviatlana Tskhanouskaya, the insurrectionist NATO asset who was introduced as “the Leader of Democratic Belarus.”

The theatre continued with a series of speakers calling for the control of social media, in order, of course, to “ensure free speech,” and to prevent “foreign interference.” The fact that all the speakers before them had called for foreign interference into the affairs of China, Russia, Venezuela, Myanmar, Belarus was lost on them.

The first day ended with the Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine, Olha Stefanishyna, appearing in order to beg that Ukraine be admitted to NATO and the EU so that Ukraine can be protected against “Russian aggression.” In seeming support of her plea, next appeared U.S. head of Homeland Security, Michael Chertoff, who repeated the false claims of Russian interference in the dubious U.S. elections, then by American Army General McMaster, National Security Adviser, and talking head at the right wing Hoover Institute, who began his comments by attacking President Trump as an ‘enemy of democracy.”

It would seem the USA is about to enter a period of one party rule if the Democrats get their way. But you see, one party rule in that case is “ensuring a return to democracy in the USA.”

He continued by attacking the rule of he Communist Party of China as ‘undemocratic,” declared that the CCP is America and the worlds “top enemy,” thereby admitting that the struggle between capitalism and communism is far from over, and then demanded that China release the two Canadians detained on spy charges. He said nothing about the kidnapping and holding hostage of the Chief Financial Officer of Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, detained in Canada for two years on fabricated U.S. charges of violating the illegal U.S. sanctions against Iran.

The day ended with more propaganda, this time against Russia from Adam Schiff, Chair of the U.S. House Intelligence Committee, who falsely accused Russia of spreading false information and called for the need to “formalise the link between the western intelligence services and social media, in other words total control of social media by the secret services, and lastly Lisa Peterson, the new U.S. Ambassador for Human Rights for Biden who blathered on in the same manner about human rights everywhere except in the USA.

The second day of the Summit was dedicated to a series of young people from the eastern nations that had once been part of the USSR, from Ukraine, Moldova, Georgia, Romania, and a couple from small Latin American U.S. allies, all computer programmers, who had been assigned projects to develop systems and platforms to manipulate elections, to detect and eliminate “fake news,” and “malign actions,” who all used the example of alleged “Russian influence” on U.S. and UK elections in their remarks and the threat to democracy represented by Donald Trump. Their entire line was that social media needs to be controlled, that elections have to be run “properly,” code for producing a desired outcome; that peoples thoughts and actions must be controlled and predictable.

All through the two days of the event it struck me that I was watching a conference of Nazis. They wore different style clothing than did Hitler and his forces in the 30s and 40s but they spoke the same way, talked the same way, are as ruthless and murderous as the Nazis, have the same objectives as Hitler, the destruction and occupation of Russia, China, Europe, the world; who pretend they are democrats but are themselves the ones who want to create a totalitarian world state, that is a state under the total control of the USA and its vassals, are willing to commit any crime to do it, and who care nothing for the lives of those they destroy.

What were the Nazis in Germany but the armed, violent fist of German capital, intent on wiping out socialism, the rights of labour, of dominating and exploiting the world, who are expert at creating division among peoples, of using bigotry and prejudice for their ends as the Nazis did with the Jews and others. They too drew on the forces of fascism from all the dark corners of Europe and the world to support their aggression and crimes.

Since the USSR collapsed their forces have ruthlessly destroyed country after country and are now advancing on Russia and China. But just as Hitler got what was coming to him, so these new Nazis, who want it all, want to put the whole word under their boots, will end up with nothing. In trying to destroy they will be destroyed, so long as we are on guard. Their conferences reveal them for what they are, black shirts with the smiles of sharks. Mac the Knife is back in town. Be warned. Be prepared.

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