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Evgueny Karas, SBU agent and leader of the neo-Nazi group S 14

Originally published: Donbass Insider on June 10, 2022 (more by Donbass Insider)  |

Among the colorful fauna of Ukrainian neo-Nazism, and as a continuation of my work on the firm establishment of this ideology in Ukraine, here is an investigation into the S 14 group. For despite attempts to hide the truth about the deep and wide contamination of the Ukrainian people with neo-Nazism, the Western media will not be able to hide the truth indefinitely. Today, victims of fierce censorship in all social networks, the Donbass Insider and many other truth fighters are hunted down and censored without any other form of trial. This shows both a totalitarian drift, but also the powerlessness of Western governments to curb a phenomenon that is growing and has only just begun. If our journalists do not want to do the work of truth, then, even more so because of the censorship, we will continue this battle until the end of this iniquitous, violent and manipulative system. The contamination of the Ukrainian people by the Bandarist and Nazi ideology is much greater and deeper than we want to believe, even in the opinion of the Russians. A short journey into the Hitlerjugend universe of S 14.

S 14, the Hitlerjugend of the National Socialist Party of Ukraine, Svoboda. The S 14 group, also known as Sich, was founded in 2009 to bring together younger people in a dedicated organisation. It was founded by Yevgeny Karas who, while claiming never to have been a neo-Nazi, said: “I am mainly opposed to non-Ukrainian ethnic groups, controlling the political and economic forces of the country, such as Jews, Poles and Russians, we are not a neo-Nazi organisation, just Ukrainian nationalists. Much later, the movement would of course prove exactly the opposite, especially during the Maïdan and the following years. The history of the group is precisely that of its leader, Evgueny Karas (1987-), born in Kiev. He studied philosophy at university and became involved in politics at a young age in the National Socialist Party of Ukraine. He was a parliamentary assistant to a Svoboda deputy in the Rada, Andrei Ilienko (2012-2014, but this deputy sat until 2019). Even while he was a parliamentary assistant, he and his S14 heavyweights attacked construction sites to flush out foreign migrants and workers. After violent clashes and looting, he was for a while wanted by the police (2013). His powerful political protections saved him from prosecution, and he was amnestied after the Maidan (2014). He was sentenced in absentia in Moscow (2018), for the attack he led with other neo-Nazi activists, on the Russian embassy in Kiev (2016). While participating in repressive patrols in Kiev, he was arrested drunk on the public highway (August 2017), but the breathalyzer test having magically disappeared from the court records, the case was closed. At the head of a powerful organisation of several thousand young Svoboda party activists, Karas was to prove himself a formidable gang leader, organiser of youth camps and, less elegantly, the counterpart of Baldur von Schirach (1907-1974), the supreme leader of the Hitler Youth in the Great Reich.

On the Maïdan barricades, brutal violence and sometimes relative courage. The many activists of the National Socialist Youth of Ukraine were of course mobilised on the Maïdan barricades, along with thousands of neo-Nazis who made and enabled this American-funded revolution. Shortly after its partial success, Ms Nuland claimed that the U.S. had spent over $5 billion on Maïdan. More reckless, supervised by fanatics and ideologists, the youth of S14 confronted the Berkuts (Ukrainian version of the CRS), in ultraviolent confrontations (December 2013-February 2014). Armed to the teeth, they stormed the Central House of Officers in Kiev (18 February 2014), and two days before had committed a serious blunder, beating and threatening with a handgun the assistants of the Swiss journalist and photographer of Russian origin, Maria Bastaszewki. Originally from St Petersburg, this artist, who is well established in the West, “photographs what cannot be photographed”, including uninteresting photos, is also a Russian dissident with a long-standing interest in espionage, corruption, the Ukrainian military-industrial complex and other hot topics. Attracted to the Maidan, and probably an agent of one of the NATO countries, she was in contact with the activists, while being known as a fierce opponent of neo-Nazism. Her team almost suffered a bad fate that day. Karas, however, did not set a good example of the recklessness of the young people under his command. He preferred to flee with militants during the most terrible days of the Maïdan (18-21 February), believing that the revolution had already been crushed, and having taken refuge… in the Canadian embassy.

Volunteers in the neo-Nazi reprisal battalions and “workers” for the registration of opponents. Subsequently, the young Hitlerisms of the S 14 group were massively involved in the repressions and in the war in Donbass. Many young people joined the reprisal battalions, which were among the most deadly. In particular the neo-Nazi battalions OUN, Kiev-2, Harpon, Azov and DUK. Evguéni Karas himself made the shot, engaged in the Kiev-2 battalion, he participated in the repressions and reprisals in the Donbass, in the Volnovakha region, then in the Harpon battalion (2014-2015), bombarded specialist in intelligence and anti-sabotage actions Including persecutions of ethnic Russians and assassinations of opponents. The less warlike of its activists embarked on the infamous “information” work of the Mirotvorets website. The latter, founded in 2014, has listed all the “terrorists” of the Donbass, namely the insurgents, the journalists who have set foot in the Donbass and who have expressed more or less open criticism of what was happening on the front line or in Ukraine, and of course the pro-Donbass activists (Christelle and I, as well as many other foreigners who have come to the area, have our own entry in this list).  The aim is to draw up a list of all the “enemies” of Ukraine, in order to list “their crimes” including the terrible crime of having done the work of truth. About me, for example, it is said that I entered Ukraine illegally… to understand that I passed through Russia in the republican zone of Donetsk and Lugansk and that I am an abominable terrorist of disinformation. Thousands of people are thus publicly registered, with the help of the Ukrainian political police of the SBU (like the Stasi, the Securitate or the Gestapo), but also with funds from the USA and Canada. It may well be that we will discover one of these days that Mirotvorets was actively working with Western intelligence services to establish other lists of pro-Russian activists in these countries that could be repressed in the future. The homepage of this site also shows pictures of corpses of Russians killed in combat or Russian prisoners murdered or tortured, along with other such pictures. The files contain as much information as possible, including e-mail addresses, telephone numbers and addresses if known, so as to enable potential fanatics to shoot, rape or torture all those who are included in this list of shame. The large amount of Western funding has not only allowed the site to be built, but also to pay the participants, who are helped by volunteers. There is also a “news” section and even a radio station that is flooding the airwaves in Ukraine. In these delirious pages, every Russian soldier identified on the front is also accused of being a “war criminal and a murderer”, and hatred transpires in all these pages, Mirotvorets being moreover discreetly supported by the government of Kiev.

Assassins and killers of political opponents. But the group did not only provide men to fight and file insurgents and opponents, but also to send them to another world. Thus, the famous investigative journalist and Maidan opponent Oles Bouzina (1969-2015) was murdered by S14 killers (16 April). He was shot in the back by three henchmen, even though his address had been disclosed two days earlier on the Mirotvorets website. Normal procedure would have required the site to be closed down and the Ukrainian justice system to condemn both the murderers and those responsible for the site. This did not happen. The death of this journalist, who was also a family man, caused great emotion throughout the world. The Ukrainian government had no choice but to launch an investigation, which led to the arrest of Andrei Medvedko, a member of the Ukrainian National Socialist Party Svoboda, but also one of the founders of S 14, a former combatant of the neo-Nazi battalion Kiev-2, Denis Polichuk, former member of a reprisal battalion, former member of the ultranationalist organisation UNA-UNSO, created by Roman Shukhevich, one of the worst collaborators of Nazi Germany, covered in the blood of the Holocaust by bullets or Poles from Volhynia, and finally Yevgeny Karas, founder of S 14 (18 June 2015). Protected by the authorities, Karas was immediately released “for lack of evidence”, the other two neo-Nazis were detained for a while, without the shadow of a trial. They were released and placed under house arrest (April 2017), but everything was then buried by the Ukrainian justice system. Move along, there’s nothing to see! As a reward for his murder, Medvedko was even appointed to the National Anti-Corruption Bureau of Ukraine (2019). Justice will never be done for the murder of Oles Buzina. The group’s unprecedented violence was noticed, however, as far away as the United States, to the extent that the U.S. administration put it on a list of nationalist organisations that advocate racial hatred and sometimes equate themselves with terrorism (2018). This did not prevent the Ukrainian government from supporting S14 in all sorts of ways.

Persecution of opponents with the approval of the Ukrainian regime. The young militants of the S14 continued their actions of terror in the rear of the country with the greatest impunity. In particular during demonstrations that often turned into riots, throughout the years of Poroshenko’s presidency (2014-2019). A peace activist, Stas Sergienko, was stabbed by an S14 activist, and after his murder was accused by Yevgeny Karas of being a traitor allied to the separatists and ‘Moskals’ in the Kharkov region (2017). The main holidays and celebrations leading to this violence were… the day of the Gypsy pogrom, the day of Adolf Hitler’s birth (S 14 having been chosen in reference to the creator of National Socialism), but also the commemorations for the heroes and butchers of the time of the collaboration with the SS and the Einsatzgruppen Always present at violent rallies and meetings, Karas publicly attacked a Ukrainian journalist, Igor Goujva, by spitting in his face, not to mention the violent verbal assault that ensued and which can be seen in this video (December 2017). Threatened with death and persecuted on the orders of Poroshenko himself, he had no choice, feeling his end coming like his colleague Bouzina, but to flee to Austria (1 February 2018), soon prosecuted for tax fraud (12 February), he asked for political asylum (1 October), and made the mistake of returning to the country at the change of president (spring 2019). President Zelensky later signed a decree against him, banning him from using the internet and from leaving the country (20 August 2021). Despite the intervention of the European Federation of Journalism, this political repression and terrible censorship of a journalist’s speech has been maintained and shows what the Kiev regime is all about. At present, in a Ukraine that has become totally insane and hateful, Goujva’s days are in danger and his fate is unknown.

Hunting communists, Roma and Gypsies. Every year, the group also attacked the day of commemoration of the Russian anti-fascist activists Anastasia Baburova (1983-2009) and Stanislav Markelov (1974-2009). These two Russian personalities were indeed murdered by Russian ultra-nationalists, because of course this also exists in Russia, as in all countries of the world. In the West, attempts were made at the time to blame the Russian government, because these two activists were also opponents of the regime. But unlike in Ukraine for Buzina, it was later shown that the state was not involved, and the murderers were found, brought to justice in Russia, where two criminals were given life and 18 years in prison. In the minds of the S14 youth, their murder was justified, as they represented everything they hated, namely all those who fight against neo-Nazism and the nationalism they advocate. Joining forces with Russian Nazbols on ideology, they particularly attacked the demonstration commemorating the death of these activists (19 January 2018). None of the agitators were arrested and, on the contrary, one of the districts of Kiev soon organized a militia to patrol the neighborhoods, made up of the militants of S14 (March 2018). With the support of the administration, they reigned terror, to the point of triggering timid protests from the few human rights defenders who still have the courage to speak in Ukraine. In the greatest Bandit tradition, this militia began the persecution of the Gypsies of Ukraine. They had already been targeted by the troops of the nationalist Bandera army (UPA, during the Second World War). At that time they were massacred along with Jews and Poles by Hitler’s Ukrainian proxy battalions. The S14 committed violence and attacks on Gypsies, attacking them with sticks, stones and tear gas or pepper spray, including children (June 2018). Claiming responsibility for these persecutions and attacks, the leader of the movement, Yevgeny Karas, launched a campaign of terror against the Roma, who were attacked in the summer in Kiev, Lvov, Ivano-Frankovsk, Uzhhorod and Vinnytsia. Turning a blind eye, the Ukrainian Ministry of Sports and Youth even allocated several thousand dollars to S 14… to organise patriotic youth events and camps in the manner of the Hitlerjugend. This “brilliant” idea was initiated by Karas, who founded the Educational Assembly, in order to shape this youth into nationalist and neo-Nazi ideas. The following year, all these “beautiful” young people and the S14 movement went on a campaign to support Ruslan Kochoulynsky, leader of the National Socialist Party of Ukraine, the Svoboda party, who was even vice-president of the Rada (2012-2014). Despite its defeat, it nonetheless won 1.62% of the vote in Ukraine, representing the contribution of 310,000 fanatics, a far cry from the few hundred neo-Nazis described by the Western and French media. Having built strong bridges between the S14 participating in Mirotvorets and the Ukrainian political police, the SBU, the collaboration between the latter and the S14 was even announced by the government in March 2019 (but in fact effective since the year 2014).

Under Zelenksy’s presidency… the S 14 continued to flourish. Continuing the policy of his predecessor, Zelensky did nothing to stop this neo-Nazi group. He clearly continued to use them to intimidate anyone who would challenge the regime, the murderous war in Donbass or the lack of respect for human rights. The murderers of Buzina were therefore not bothered in any way, nor were all the S14 agitators who engaged in ethnic persecution or violence, including political murders. Medvedko even organised a concert with an ultranationalist and neo-Nazi group called Sorika Perouna. This White Power Rock music group, in its songs, advocates the superiority of the white race, pan-Slavism and Ukrainian ultranationalisme tempted by neo-Nazism. Nazi crosses, the black sun and all the paraphernalia of the pagan celebrations dear to Himmler’s SS can be found in “this folklore”. These Metal-style histrionics brandish axes and sing of the crushing of Ukraine’s enemies, their slow death and the last barrier of white Europe against the Russian Asian hordes…Other hits show patches of Ukraine’s ‘heroes’ and Ukraine’s other unmistakable neo-Nazi party, Pravy Sektor (Right Sector), not to mention the defunct neo-Nazi Azov regiment. This concert was organised for the veterans of the war in Donbass (17 October 2019), in the presence of the Prime Minister and the Minister for Veterans of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, Oksana Koliada (2019-2020). It was through this ministry that the power of S14 was further strengthened, with the group’s leaders even participating in the founding of this ministry (November 2018), before cooperating and infiltrating it to the point of having members on the Community Council of the Ministry of Veterans’ Affairs (March 2021). Shortly before, Karas had again publicly attacked freedom of expression and journalists (4 February), by gathering rioters in front of the TV station Nach. The S14 demanded the closure of the channel and the dismissal of all employees (no less!). This TV channel belonged to one of the leaders of the opposition to the Kiev regime, MP Evgeny Muraev. The channel was effectively censored once, with a broadcasting ban (6 December 2018), and then relaunched. A package of sanctions decided by the government against opposition media boosted its audience (beginning of 2021). In a climate of total denial of press freedom, further protests were organized in early 2022, with petitions that led to the banning of this TV channel for 5 years in Ukraine (11 February 2022).

He calls his group after Hitler, but claims not to be neo-Nazi. Certainly in order to comply with instructions from above, and especially from the American financier, the S 14 group even sued another TV channel, Gromadsky, which had broadcast a documentary “about those Nazis who don’t want to be called Nazis” (4 May 2018). S 14, confident of being supported by the Ukrainian government, sued the channel. Karas was furious and demanded the reimbursement of legal costs and a small fine. The Kiev court of justice effectively ruled in favor of the neo-Nazis of S 14, raising emotions in the world in most media, including in France, with the courageous journalist Fabrice Deprez, for La Croix, who for once showed the strict truth without trying to hide the Ukrainian neo-Nazis. Human rights groups, Roma associations and the U.S. Holocaust Memorial were outraged by this iniquitous and politically oriented court decision (6 August 2019). The channel appealed and was again rejected in Kiev (7 November), and then by the Supreme Court of Ukraine (21 January 2020), despite numerous protests, including from foreign journalists, such as Matthew Schaaf of Freedom House in Ukraine, who stated that “this could seriously damage media coverage of important events in Ukraine, when many media and journalists are already applying self-censorship”. Understand that these journalists and media outlets were themselves already censoring the presence of neo-Nazis in Ukraine since 2014, at an already very high level. We saw after the departure of the Russian operation, that from now on for the French media, the Ukrainian Nazis are only Russian propaganda… And yet they exist, a bit like Galileo coming out of the court of the inquisition and who had whispered “and yet it turns”. The inquisition of journalists and media and the West, as well as Ukraine can censor us, repress us, even kill us… hundreds of thousands of neo-Nazis and ultranationalists exist in Ukraine.

But back to Karas, what has become of him since then? His older brother was killed against the Russian army in the Kiev region (3 March 2022), also a neo-Nazi and ultra-nationalist activist like him. Karas then appeared in uniform and bulletproof vest to celebrate “the hero”. He still has a following of 243,000 fanatics on his YouTube channel, and serves as a “youtuber” behind the frontline. No images show him in danger or in the thick of the fighting… As with the Maidan, where he took refuge in the Canadian embassy, his commitment does not extend to the courage of a real fighter. If things went wrong, he knew the way to the famous embassy anyway. Even in the face of the supreme leader Hitler, all Nazis are not equal… The hunt for the Gypsies was probably much easier than fighting the Russian army.

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