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Ukrainian Army terror bombings

Originally published: Donbass Insider on May 31, 2022 (more by Donbass Insider)  |

Since Sunday, 29 May, Ukrainian artillery has opened fire on exclusively civilian residential areas in the city of Donetsk and other cities in Donbass. The Ukrainian army has always engaged in terror bombing, in order to terrorise the population and kill Russians, since the beginning of the Ukrainian aggression in Eastern Ukraine. In Donetsk, the western districts are regularly targeted by artillery and many civilians have died, unfortunately, including children. The centre and east of the city have been hit, but mostly in 2014 and 2015, and less frequently between 2016 and 2017. This situation had not been seen in the city since then, and the intensity and depth of the attacks had not been seen at this level since 2014. The firing started at around 6pm, then started again at around 8.15pm until around 1am, then more shells were fired during the night. The death toll was already 4 and 20 injured, but on Monday morning the shelling resumed, notably with 155 mm heavy artillery, but also with 300 mm Smertch missiles. One of the missiles hit the badly damaged school No. 22 in the centre of the city, killing three more people.

The USA, Canada and Australia are as much at fault as Ukraine. I was present at an impact and saw the nervousness of the Military Police inspectors and experts. The impact was strange, few shrapnel holes, a strong blast and a different texture of the earth in the shell hole. The answer came quickly: the shots were fired by American 155 calibre M777 howitzers, supplied by the USA, Canada and Australia. They have a greater range than the weapons then possessed by Ukraine, which allowed the Ukrainians to open fire from much further away. This gun fires at a distance of more than 40 km, and up to a maximum range of 57 km. Under these conditions, the M777 can remain relatively unobtrusive and out of sight of drones or Russian air force reconnaissance. It is an excellent howitzer, which entered service in 2005, and can be equipped with modern and highly effective sighting systems. A total of 18 guns have been delivered by these three countries, with sighting systems, but the U.S. has announced the delivery of 108 artillery pieces, the next ones without sighting systems in April and May 2022. These weapons, which should have been used to defend Ukraine, were immediately used to kill civilians and these terror bombings, in the greatest American tradition of bombing. Everyone remembers the hallucinatory bombings of Nazi Germany, especially of cities, to raze to the ground but especially to kill the German population. The expected effect, i.e. turning public opinion against the Nazis, was the opposite… This is also the case in the Donbass and in Ukraine.

Civilian casualties, again and again, the Ukrainian army continues its work of death. During the day of 30 May, the Ukrainians fired no less than 150 shells and rockets (122, 152, 155 mm, Grad and Hurricane), not to mention Smertch missiles. A total of 13 localities were hit, with 5 civilians killed and 18 wounded, 19 buildings damaged or destroyed, 9 of which were administrative buildings, schools, etc. (Schools No. 5 and 22). Among those killed, there were four women (three born in 1952, 1956 and 1967). Among the injured, a three-year-old child was injured, three men (born between 1932 and 1969) and 14 women (born between 1944 and 2001). Elsewhere in the Republic, other victims were counted during the days of 29 and 30 May. The total number of buildings destroyed or affected by the Ukrainian bombing is staggering, and has been since 17 February. These included 3,777 homes, 792 buildings and civilian infrastructure, including 50 medical facilities, 137 educational facilities (schools, colleges, etc.), and the destruction of 437 vehicles. The DPR authorities conducted more than 3,500 investigations and recorded during this critical period the death of 130 civilians, including 4 children, and the injury of 608 other inhabitants, including 48 children. It is more than likely that all these shootings are calculated by officers and non-commissioned officers, who are clearly dishonoring themselves as soldiers, by knowingly and consciously targeting civilians. It is true that terror bombing was invented and used by the Anglo-Saxons, namely Nazi Germany, Great Britain and the USA. The latter did not hesitate to send the only atomic bombs ever dropped on two cities that were not military targets, Nagasaki and Hiroshima in Japan. This mentality, including civilians in the targets, also comes from the invention of industrial warfare, which from then on killed many more civilians than soldiers.

Revenge fire, to destroy and kill, on the slope of defeat. It is clear that in the difficulty in which the Ukrainian army finds itself in the Donbass, with very heavy losses, particularly in the North, in the regions of Krasny Liman, Severodonetsk or Lissichansk, not to mention the Russian bridgehead of Popasnaya, but also in the Centre in the region of Gorlovka, Avdeevka or Mariinka, it is now on an increasingly inclined slope, leading to its certain defeat. These bombings show above all the demoralization of this army, and the abject violence in which Ukraine is throwing itself, having only bile and vengeance to offer as war tactics. As I write, a shell has just fallen in the east of Donetsk, not far from my home (30 May, 23:15), which will certainly be followed by others during the night. My neighborhood is quite peaceful, there are, again, no military targets. In Europe, there are already reports of violence by Ukrainian refugees, attacking local residents, being belligerent and angry. More than 8 years of war propaganda, not to mention Nazi ideology, will have led this people to absurd drifts, leading to dead ends. The shooting of civilians was undoubtedly decided at the highest level by the commander-in-chief and with the approval of President Zelensky. It is more than likely that the use of these weapons to kill civilians was also endorsed by the supplier, namely the financier of the Maidan, the United States. These killings will also be used by Western and Ukrainian propaganda to invent “Russian bombings”, on their own cities and civilians, or ethnic Russians in Ukraine. Finally, for the Ukrainian soldier, it will only be a matter of revenge and before succumbing, to take as many people as possible with them. In Nazi Germany, during the twilight of the Gods, thousands of Germans were sacrificed in this way, in a war lost in advance and in pure losses.

A French journalist sent to his death without any military equipment or valid protection. Meanwhile, in Russian prisons, the captured Ukrainian soldiers all tell the same story: they didn’t know, they were forced, they were drivers, cooks, nurses, in the quartermaster’s office or the regiment’s administrative services. Even agents of the SBU political police have been seen making such statements and many videos show soldiers with tears in their eyes, asking to go home, and swearing that they had always been close to their Russian blood brothers. In the West and in the Ukrainian propaganda offices, brilliant victories are piled up, in which thousands of Russians have perished, with hundreds of tanks in flames and the air force destroyed. Elsewhere, there is talk of empty stocks, no more ammunition, no more missiles, no more tanks in reserve. These crazy stories are shown on the French 8 o’clock news, and even “war reporters” like BFMTV are sent in to be killed, without any essential military equipment. Frédéric Leclerc-Imhoff died today, on the Ukrainian side, wearing a bullet-proof jacket, which politicians usually wear under their suits. His lower abdomen was not protected, nor was his neck, he was not wearing a helmet on his head (he died from it), and there was no PRESS inscription on his torso or back. This 32 year old man, criminally sent by his editors to his death, without any equipment and without military footwear (he was wearing hiking boots), was sent to the scrap heap by irresponsible people. It seems that he had not even one experience of the genre, and of war zones. Why did he die? Like those in the Donbass, for the American Maïdan, for the imperialist delusions of a country that sows death and destruction everywhere it goes. If France had had General De Gaulle at its head, he would never have accepted that France fall under the control of an “ally”, who is slowly and surely dragging the former down. At Donbass Insider we express our sorrow and pain to his family, which we share with them. He joins the very long cohort of tens of thousands of victims of this nightmarish revolution…. Called in Ukraine by the small name of “Revolution of Dignity”.

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