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The Present as History 2022 Late Imperialism

The Present as History 2022 focuses on Late Imperialism – a more generalized monopoly capitalism in the world that has brought new forms of the drain of the surplus/value from the periphery to the core of the capitalist world system, and epochal economic, military, and environmental challenges. The book covers the U.S.’s proxy war with Russia in Ukraine; the return of fascism in contemporary capitalism; India’s New (Anti-)Labor Codes; where Cuba is going in the face of incessant imperialist impediments; the U.S.’s Cold War and technology war on China; and a reasoned rebuttal of the view that China has become an imperialist country. In addition, key ecological aspects of Late Imperialism; ecological unequal exchange; powerful interests censoring what scientists conclude on mitigation of climate change; Adivasi resistance to twenty-first century “land grabs” and “neo-extractivism;” the likelihood of financialization subsuming all of nature in the name of sustaining it; and the possible emergence of an environmental proletariat confronted with the catastrophes generated by capitalism.   Almost all the authors have been associated with the independent socialist magazine, Monthly Review.

This provocative set of essays challenges many conventional assumptions and assessments about contemporary global capitalism. The comprehensive analysis of war and geopolitics, the political economy of international trade and finance, the struggle of different powers to control nature and the planet with its ecological and distributive implications, makes it essential reading.

Jayati Ghosh, Professor of Economics, University of Massachusetts Amherst, USA

ISBN: 978-81-954813-7-8
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