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Ex-CIA analyst: UK excuse of shrubbery for failed counteroff. ‘stupid’

Originally published: Al Mayadeen on August 6, 2023 by Sputnik (more by Al Mayadeen)  | (Posted Aug 08, 2023)

Former U.S. Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) analyst Larry Johnson called the UK military’s claim that shrubbery was stopping Ukraine’s efforts in their counteroffensive operation “stupid,” and “ignorant.”

In a Youtube interview, Johnson sarcastically remarked that all the United States had to do to ensure Ukraine’s success was “to provide them with a brigade of weed whackers, so they could have gone out there and cut down all the weeds.”

Johnson elaborated that the claims the UK was making were “nonsensical—you’ve got to wonder how in the world can alleged professional military people in Britain say something so stupid, so incredibly ignorant that they want to blame it [Ukraine’s failed counteroffensive] on summer growth.”

Days ago, the UK Defense Ministry attempted to hide Ukraine’s publicly well-documented failures on “undergrowth regrowing” in south Ukraine, calling it the reason for “slow progress of combat.”

In July, Bild newspaper reported, citing a confidential German intelligence assessment, that Ukraine’s counter-offensive is facing challenges due to poor execution of tactics.

The ministry said that the region’s agricultural land had been “left fallow for 18 months, with the return of weeds and shrubs accelerating under the warm, damp summer conditions.”

The UK ministry claims this gives Russian defense an edge, and hampers Ukraine’s mine-sweeping operations, explaining in the intelligence brief how “Although undergrowth can also provide cover for small stealthy infantry assaults, the net effect has been to make it harder for either side to make advances.”

In June, Ukraine claimed its forces were moving along in its counteroffensive but were battling to counter Russian air and artillery power, which was impeding their advances in the east and south.

On July 31, American political scientist John Mearsheimer said in an interview transcribed by The Grayzone that he was surprised at the West’s encouragement for the Ukrainians’ counteroffensive, which he compared to a suicide attack that would lead to counterproductive results.

“It seems to me that anybody who knows anything about military tactics and strategy had to understand that there was hardly any chance that the Ukrainian counteroffensive would succeed,” he stated.

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