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Israeli nuclear arsenal major threat to stability amid Gaza war: Iran

Originally published: Al Mayadeen on November 14, 2023 by Agencies (more by Al Mayadeen)  | (Posted Nov 15, 2023)

Iran’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations, Amir Saeid Iravani, warned that “Israel’s” nuclear arsenal poses a threat to the region, and called on relevant international organizations to carry out their responsibilities regarding this issue.

Speaking at the fourth session of the Conference on the Establishment of a Middle East Zone Free of Nuclear and Other Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMDs), Iravani emphasized the threat posed by the occupation entity’s “policy of deliberate ambiguity” regarding its nuclear capabilities.

Iravani pointed out that “Israel’s” nuclear arsenal has triggered “real and widespread concerns” about proliferation in the region, citing recent remarks by Israeli “Heritage” Minister Amihai Eliyahu, who said that dropping a nuclear bomb on Gaza was “one of the possibilities” in the ongoing aggression on the Strip.

Recent nuclear threats by the Israeli regime’s high-ranking officials against Iran and Palestine highlight the danger posed by these weapons at the hands of such an illegitimate regime.

The Iranian envoy stressed the importance of establishing a WMD-free Middle East as a crucial step towards enhancing security in the region amid the Israeli war on Gaza, which so far saw over 1,000 massacres, resulting in more than 11,200 martyrs, some 4,600 of which are children.

“In light of recent atrocities in the Middle East, we express our urgent concerns about Israel’s policy of nuclear ambiguity and its potential use of WMDs in the conflict in Gaza or elsewhere,” the Iranian ambassador said.

Iravani stated,

The secrecy of Israel’s nuclear capabilities poses a significant threat to regional stability and underlines the need for immediate action.

Furthermore, Iravani called upon the international community to view “Israel’s” threats as a clear warning sign.

He highlighted actions carried out by the occupation entity, including acts of terrorism and sabotage against civilian nuclear programs, and urged international bodies such as the UN Security Council and the International Atomic Energy Agency to intervene promptly and assume their responsibilities.

It is worth noting that the entity is estimated to possess between 200 to 400 nuclear warheads, making it the sole possessor of non-conventional arms in West Asia. Despite international pressure, “Israel” has refused to allow inspections of its nuclear facilities or to sign the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT).

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