• Nepal: The People’s Movement

    In defense of civilian supremacy over the military and the democratic “New Nepal” process, the revolutionary movement of Nepal, led by the Unified Communist Party of Nepal (Maoists), has initiated a nationwide “People’s Movement” to topple the government and anti-people forces. This comes after a Maoist-led government resigned in May due to what was essentially […]

  • Interview with Manushi Bhattarai, Nepali Student Leader

    Below is an Interview with Manushi Bhattarai.*  She is part of the Maoist Ticket that swept the student elections at Tribhuvan University — Nepal’s largest.  She discusses the revolution, recent political developments, the international situation, and the role of youth. Ben Peterson: Thanks a lot for meeting with me.  The All Nepal National Independent Student […]

  • Nepal: Meeting the People’s Liberation Army

    For the last week I have been with the JanaMukti Sena, the People’s Liberation Army, mostly with the Kalyan/Anish Memorial Brigade of the 3rd division. This is the People’s Hospital.  Set up by the People’s Army, it now serves both them and the public.  It has many facilities, including a pharmacy, an operating room for […]