• Who’s The Boss? Holding Day Labor Employers Accountable in Chicago

    In recent months, Chicago has played host to two the nation’s largest immigrant rights marches.  In each event, hundreds of thousands of immigrants and their supporters took to the streets to demand justice.  Elected officials flocked to the podium at these events, celebrating the diversity of the community and declaring the need to provide and […]

  • Day Laborers Fight for Their Rights

    “It is with great pride that I announce Gov. Blagojevich has signed House Bill 3471, the Day Labor Services Act today,” said Illinois Deputy Chief of Staff of Labor, Esther Lopez.  “We think today is a historic day.  It is a law that is the most aggressive protection for day laborers in the country.” With […]

  • “How Can You Do That to a Community?”: Locked Out by Celanese in Illinois

    Nestled on the bank of the Illinois River, the small community of Meredosia, Illinois sits sixty-five miles west of the state capitol.  In 1955, National Starch and Chemical built a plant there and has been a key employer for this community of about a thousand people.  A producer of adhesives, National Starch was generally considered […]