• Revolution 2.0: Interview with Hossam el-Hamalawy

      Hossam el-Hamalawy is a member of the organization Revolutionary Socialists as well as of the Center for Socialist Studies in Cairo.  A journalist and blogger, he is one of the “cyberguerrilla” youth at the heart of the revolutions underway in the Arab world.  While constantly occupying Tahrir Square, he seeks to regularly disseminate alternative […]

  • Egypt: Which Way Is the Way Forward? Interview with Hossam el-Hamalawy

      Saturday, February 5th, 8 pm (Egyptian time) What are some of the hurdles the protest movement is facing?  Are there divisions emerging while trying to find common ground? Yesterday the square was completely packed with more than one million protestors and Alexandria witnessed similar protests as well as the other provinces.  But there are […]

  • Resistance Movements Unite! Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum

      International Campaign against Zionist and American Occupation Cairo International Conference and Liberation Forum, 27-30 March 2008 Declaration of Principles For National and Individual Liberation In Support of Resistance to the Zionist/American Project Against Zionism and Imperialism Against Despotism and Oppression Against Exploitation and Corruption The political forces, popular committees, civil society organizations, and independent […]