• Exploring the Other: Contemporary Iran

    An exhibition of Iason Athanasiadis’s photographs of Iran, “Exploring the Other: Contemporary Iran,” opened on 25 January 2009, at the Craft and Folk Art Museum (co-produced by the Society of Cinema and Arts) in Los Angeles.  “Exploring the Other” offers an alternative narrative of the country famously included in the “Axis of Evil” by George […]

  • Ahmadinejad: Remaking Iran

    [The following profile of Mahmoud Ahmadinejad first appeared in Asia Times Online (www.atimes.com) on 19 May 2006.  It shows that the President of Iran is winning the right friends (the economically disenfranchised, ambitious men and women of younger generations who are denied political power by the current clerical rulers, ordinary Iranians of middling sorts who […]