• Burhan Ghalioun

    Ibrahim Jaza is a Syrian cartoonist.  Note: “Ghalioun” means “pipe” in Arabic.  See, also: “Now, irresponsible people have taken over the leadership of the Syrian revolt. . . .  From the beginning the SNC was marching toward the UN Security Council.  The SNC wanted to exclude Syria from the Arab League and get the Arab […]

  • “Free Syrian Army”

    Ibrahim Jaza is a Syrian cartoonist.  See, also: “To those of you who don’t believe that the #Syria-n rebels have israeli arms, take a look.  Nothing’s hidden anymore.  pic.twitter.com/mOTfVyT4” (Joud, 25 December 2011); “الهيئة ” و “المجلس” يوقعان اتفاقا “مفخخا” يسمح ضمنا بتدخل عسكري عربي في سوريا لإسقاط النظام  (SyriaTruth.org, 31 December 2011). | Print

  • Syrian National Council

    Ibrahim Jaza is a Syrian cartoonist.  Cf. “Once one of Syria’s closest allies, Turkey is hosting an armed opposition group waging an insurgency against the government of President Bashar al-Assad, providing shelter to the commander and dozens of members of the group, the Free Syrian Army, and allowing them to orchestrate attacks across the border […]

  • What Happens If the Call for “International Protection” of Protesters in Syria Gets Answered?

    (1) “We Call for Foreign Intervention” (2) But if the call gets answered. . . . Ibrahim Jaza is a Syrian cartoonist.  Cf. “US State Department tool Radwan Ziadeh today called for a war on Syria.  Speaking on Aljazeera’s prime-time, evening newscast ‘daily harvest’, Washington’s favorite Syrian ‘human rights activist’ did not actually utter the […]