• What Happened to the Heroes of Tahrir?

    The 19th of November was another bloody day in the Egyptian Revolution that over the course of the following days turned into a massacre.  After security forces’ attack on a group of demonstrators, tens of thousands flooded back into Tahrir Square, demanding that the Supreme Council step down.  The security forces and military responded with […]

  • Testimony of Mohamed Mounir, Tortured by Egypt’s Military

    On the night of Tuesday, November 22nd, 2011, just a week before parliamentary elections in Egypt began, 31-year old Mohamed Mounir went to Tahrir Square to join thousands of Egyptians once again demonstrating there.  The demonstrations all over the country flared up again after the Egyptian security forces brutally attacked a group of demonstrators in […]

  • The Maspero Massacre: What Really Happened

    On January 28th, 2011, millions of Egyptians took to the street and crushed the police forces that had ruled us, illegitimately imprisoned and tortured many of us, for the past many years.  That same night the Egyptian armed forces took over the vacuum left by the police apparatus.  First to the knowledge of few and […]

  • Join Us on May Day in Tahrir Square: Workers Are the Builders of a New Egypt

    For the minimum necessary for a dignified life.  For the right to organize.  For an end to corruption. انضموا لنا: يوم 1 مايو عيد عمال مصر، بناة مصر Intifadat Intifadat is a collective of filmmakers in Egypt.  The collective won the 2011 Cairo Documentary Festival‘s Streaming the Revolution Award for three videos: “The Downfall of […]