What Happened to the Heroes of Tahrir?

The 19th of November was another bloody day in the Egyptian Revolution that over the course of the following days turned into a massacre.  After security forces’ attack on a group of demonstrators, tens of thousands flooded back into Tahrir Square, demanding that the Supreme Council step down.  The security forces and military responded with a continuous four-day onslaught on the protesters.

Ahmed, Mostafa, and Maged are only three of the thousands severely injured during those days.  Ahmed and Maged are also two of the many whom the military shot with live fire.  While the army generals overseeing parliamentary elections in Egypt denied that live ammunition had been used on the protesters, Ahmed and Maged have the bullets still embedded in their bodies to prove it.

Video by Mosireen and Intifadat Intifadat: <youtube.com/user/mosireen> and <youtube.com/user/intifadatintifadat>.

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