• Demonstrators on Wednesday, June 3, 2020, in downtown Los Angeles. AP Photo/Ringo H.W. Chiu.

    A mass uprising is here, protect if from the ruling class

    The media described the uprising as a “riot” involved in violence and property destruction but the movement responded by using videos to show black organizers trying to stop people, some of whom seemed to be undercover police or white supremacists.

  • Solidarity with Venezuela now! Protect the embassy

    We are writing to you from inside the Venezuelan embassy in Washington, DC where we are taking action against a U.S. coup of the independent and sovereign Bolivarian Republican of Venezuela. The Embassy Protection Collective (Colectivos Por La Paz) is here with the permission of the Venezuelan government to show our solidarity with the Venezuelan people. The upcoming week will be a critical one, as we explain below.

  • Senate Speech Heralds a New Social Movement

      This week, the sincere effort of millions of people across the nation once again proved effective in the face of determined opposition from the White House and Congress, as single payer health reform reached another milestone in its historic journey. When the Senate initiated its debate on health insurance reform, Senator Bernie Sanders offered […]