• Marx’s concept of socialism

    The discussions and debates that have accompanied the 200th anniversary of Karl Marx’s birth since 2018 have provided an important opportunity to re-examine heretofore neglected aspects of his political and philosophical legacy. Foremost among them is the extent to which his body of work provides conceptual resources for developing a viable emancipatory to capitalism in the 21st century.

  • Racism and the Logic of Capitalism

    Racism and the logic of capitalism

    The emergence of a new generation of anti-racist activists and thinkers battling police abuse, the prison-industrial complex and entrenched racism in the US, alongside the crisis over immigration and growth of right-wing populism in Europe and elsewhere, makes this a crucial moment to develop theoretical perspectives that conceptualise race and racism as integral to capitalism while going beyond identity politics that treat such issues primarily in cultural and discursive terms.

  • Hudis Vision

    The vision of the new society in Marx’s Capital

    Marx’s Capital has been heralded for many things, but providing an exhaustive account of a future socialist society isn’t one of them.

  • Capitalism by Sergej Bag

    Awareness of the non-viability of capitalism grows with each passing day

    In Marx there is a concept of an alternative to capitalism that provides a foundation for the needed effort to reinvigorate anti-capitalist movements. But a richer, more adequate understanding of socialism that addresses the realities of contemporary capitalism today still awaits us.