• Attendees of the School of Ecology Mauritius 2016

    Richard York in Mauritius discussing the Anthropocene and ecological rift

    A capitalist system cannot aim at responsible production that will reduce the negative impact on our future, and this is why we need a system change! This was the main theme of the second presentation of the day, done by Richard York. He exposed this concept through 6 different perspectives.

  • Darwin versus Intelligent Design

    One of the most important books that influenced Darwin, by his own account, was John Herschel’s A Preliminary Discourse on the Study of Natural Philosophy (1831).  Herschel was one of the leading British scientists of the age, known for his work in astronomy, geography, and scientific method.  Discourse on the Study of Natural Philosophy provided […]

  • Corporate Forestry and Academic Freedom

    Following the Biscuit Fire of 2002, which burned half a million acres in the Siskiyou National Forest in southwest Oregon, the Bush administration geared up to circumvent national environmental laws and implement the largest public timber sale in recent history, all in the guise of “salvage logging” purportedly aimed at helping the forest regenerate.  The […]

  • Neo-Paleyism’s Assault on Reason

    William Paley‘s Natural Theology, originally published in 1802, stands as one of the prime examples of the teleological, mystical, and theistic premises that underlie bourgeois thought.  Paley opened his book with an argument that if one were crossing a heath and stumbled upon a watch, one would inevitability infer that it must have had a […]

  • Hydrogen Hoopla

    In a time of rising concentrations of carbon dioxide in the earth’s atmosphere and ever more prominent signs of global warming, General Motors and other apologists for global capitalism are seeking to assure us of their concern for the environment and their commitment to move beyond fossil fuels.  Unsurprisingly, they do not propose putting a […]