• KAFCA (Knowledge Against Financial Capitalism) No. 02: #15O

    The Knowledge Liberation Front proposes bankruptcy and basic income as “knowledge against financial capitalism.”  But does this proposal not actually serve as knowledge for financial capitalism: i.e., Bankruptcy + Basic Income = Social Democracy under the Neoliberal Regime of Accumulation?  An example of how the Left, not the Right, innovates capitalism? — Ed. See, also, […]

  • Notes from the Liberation Without Borders Tour in Tunisia

    13 May 2011 Tonight, the transnational delegation from the Knowledge Liberation Front (KLF) reunited in Tunis to begin the Liberation Without Borders Tour.  This delegation is a project of activist research that was initiated at a meeting in Paris last February.  It aims to reinforce the relations with the Tunisian movement activists that were forged […]

  • Liberation Without Borders Tour

    “The activists in Tunisia who have been organizing this meeting since mid-February are very clear about one fundamental point: Let’s not call this project a caravan because we don’t need your help or in other words your Western solidarity, which often bears the stamp of colonial charity, and because we have demonstrated that we are […]