Liberation Without Borders Tour

“The activists in Tunisia who have been organizing this meeting since mid-February are very clear about one fundamental point: Let’s not call this project a caravan because we don’t need your help or in other words your Western solidarity, which often bears the stamp of colonial charity, and because we have demonstrated that we are capable of revolution without anyone teaching us how to do it.  Moreover, they have added in recent weeks: What we see coming, labeled ‘humanitarian,’ from the other shore of the Mediterranean are bombs and war.  Instead, we need your struggles to unite the two shores of the Mediterranean through conflict and transformation, ousting all tyrants — from Ben Ali to the tyrants of financial capitalism. . . .  We will go to Tunisia to understand and to do activist inquiry, because the social composition of insurgents there — highly educated young people, precarious or unemployed workers impoverished by the crisis and by a system that produces corruption, women reclaiming their liberty and putting it in practice, people who want to live and move without borders — is very similar to that of the movements in revolt against austerity and education and welfare cuts across Europe.” — Knowledge Liberation Front

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