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Friedrich Engels

Engels’ “theoretical moment”?

In Marx and Engels’ Collected Works volume 47, I found a very interesting letter written by Engels to August Bebel. It was written about a month and half after Marx’s death, April 30 1883. Bebel seems to have suggested Engels to move somewhere else in Europe. Engels’ justifications to continue staying in England is quite […]

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[Archive photo] The National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa (NUMSA) Picture: Reuters

NUMSA condemns the military coup in Zimbabwe

Pressed by the military forces, the president of Zimbabwe, Robert Mugabe, has finally resigned from his seat after 37 years in power. Although his resignation was celebrated by many, the National Union of Metalworkers of South Africa warns that nothing good ever came from a military coup in Africa.

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Britains private debt crisis

Tackling Britain’s private debt crisis

As of July 2017, the Bank of England measured the stock of private debt held by individuals at £1.548 trillion; making household sector indebtedness one of the biggest problems facing the United Kingdom’s economy and society. There is growing public policy concern over the historically unprecedented level of household debt but little by way of […]

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Abstract art from László Moholy-Nagy

Against legal fetishism (part two)

Couching Trump as a “lawless” autocrat-in-the-making has become a matter of routine, something of a mantra repeated by “liberals” and “conservatives” alike. The trouble with this characterization is not that it is inaccurate, but rather that it is incomplete.

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Abstract art from László Moholy-Nagy

Against legal fetishism (part one)

Law here, law there, law everywhere. The first nine months of the Trump administration have thrust questions about the force of law, legal strategy and tactics, and the role of judges in the United States’ much-vaunted system of constitutional checks and balances to the fore of public attention.

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Tax Haven

Where has all the surplus gone?

Thanks to the release of the so-called Paradise Papers, and the additional research conducted by Gabriel Zucman, Thomas Tørsløv, and Ludvig Wier, we know that a large share of the surplus captured by corporations is artificially shifted to tax havens all over the world.

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Ladies holding signs against sexual harassment.

How capitalism uses gender oppression to rule

Following is the text of a talk delivered by the author on Nov. 4 at the “The Solution is Socialism” educational conference in Connecticut. The conference was hosted by the Youth for Socialist Action chapter at Central Connecticut State University, where the sessions were held.

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Edward S. Herman

The real fake news

Edward S. Herman has sadly passed away. He was one of the great critical voices speaking out while the media grew steadily into the conglomerated machine it is today. It is testament to his work that his ideas transcend generations.

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“Halting at Noon.” Slaves kneeling to pray while chained together. (New York Public Library)

Faith, myths, and Black Prometheus

The mythologizing thought and rhetoric that sees in human struggles the pitting of god against god is as ancient as any human storytelling. More recently Black Theologians have seen in the history of black people the need to efface a white God who condones oppression and to replace him with a black God of the […]

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Anti-Capitalist Meetup: On the Oppression of Women and Violence Against Women

On the oppression of women and violence against women

It’s been one hell of a week and I have to be honest, I am really angry. Four times this week, I have been told that women are not oppressed under Capitalism in Advanced Capitalist Economies; this has come from the mouths of three men (one of whom is supposedly on the hard left) and […]

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