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World employers report

The history of capitalism is actually a combination of two histories: it’s a history of employers attempting to hire workers and develop new technologies to make profits and expand the reach of capitalism; it’s also a history of workers banding together to improve wages and working conditions and imagine ways of moving beyond capitalism.

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Missile over city

On Rosa Parks’ tomahawk, or, the U.S. strikes in Syria

In the wake of the most recent USA airstrike in Syria, Professor Anne-Marie Slaughter, a former president of the American Society of International Law and U.S. State Department Director of Policy Planning between 2009 and 2011, took to Twitter to think through some of the legal and moral arguments justifying the use of force.

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Young Marx

Why Marx? Why now?

Two hundred years have passed since the birth of Karl Marx. Few historical figures of any kind have been so influential ‑ surely no thinker has. Yet many now would dismiss his ideas as outdated, as flawed, as tending towards totalitarianism. Why should we remember him?  What can we possibly learn from him now?

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Corbyn speaking to the people

Delegitimising the British left

In the last month there has been a deliberate, determined attempt to turn the clock back on the general election result on 8th June 2017, to back when the left could be dismissed as irrational deluded cultists who mostly existed on social media.

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Hall of extinction

Debt and taxes

Tax cuts and spending increases enacted by Republicans over the past four months will lead to wider than previously expected budget deficits, according to the Congressional Budget Office. The federal budget deficit would total $804 billion this year, 43 percent higher than it had projected last summer, and exceed $1 trillion a year starting in […]

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