• | Disaster Preparedness and Climate Change in Cuba | MR Online

    Cuba prepares for disaster

    The book traces Cuba’s preparedness from the threat of a U.S. invasion following its revolution through its resistance to hurricanes and diseases, which all laid the foundation for current adaptions to climate change.

  • | Demand SINGLE PAYER Expanded Improved Medicare for All HR 676 Now Protest at the Baltimore Convention Center on Pratt at South Charles Street in Baltimore MD on Saturday morning 11 February 2018 Photo Elvert Barnes Photography | MR Online

    Medicare-for-All is a beginning, not the end point

    As a coup de grâce to the Bernie Sanders campaign Joe Biden declared that he would veto Medicare-for-All. This could drive a dedicated health care advocate to relentlessly pursue Med-4-All as a final goal.

  • | Bust from the statue of Taino Chief Hatuey in Baracoa Cuba | MR Online

    A statue of Hatuey

    As monuments to Columbus and confederate heroes topple and Democrats ponder which militarist they wish to glorify in their replacements, it is critical to realize that statues which go up are at least as important as the ones that come down. Perhaps the best nominee for a new statue is Hatuey, who led the first guerrilla warfare against European invasion of the western hemisphere.