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  • Sudan Protests


    On 19 December 2018, an uprising began in Sudan. This uprising would culminate in the removal of Sudan’s president–Omar al- Bashir–from power on 11 April 2019. The army staged a conser- vative military coup to abort the revolutionary tide and keep the same old policies.

  • My voice is the gallows for all tyrants

    More than seven million Kashmiris remain suffocated by the Indian government. The curfew that went into effect on 5 August is still in place. The media is not able to get into the state and offer a report of the situation. Telephone and internet services have been shut down.

  • The civilian forces, led by the Sudanese Professionals Association, has embarked on a major mobilization drive on the ground

    Two weeks after massacre, Sudanese set to reclaim the streets

    “To the tyrants who believed for a while that victory was theirs, we say, our people will rise up.. to recommence the journey and complete the revolution,” the SPA said as the protesters begin preparations to escalate.