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  • Democracy Ennahdha Style

      Tunisian Prime Minister (and Ennahdha Secretary General) Hamadi Jebali: “Democracy is just a question of organization.” On the prime minister’s well-organized desk: “Discourse for ‘My Base’”; “Discourse for the ‘Others’*“; “Disclaimers for the Press” * I.e. Dirty bastards of miscreants. Nadia Khiari, aka Willis from Tunis, is a Tunisian painter and cartoonist.  Translation by […]

  • Tunisia: The Powers of the New President

    President Moncef Marzouki, Leader of the Congress for the Republic: “See, I’ve taken the oath. What power do I have now?”

  • 9.11 with Samir Amin

      “Libya is something very different from what happened in Egypt and Tunisia.  It was not a pacific demonstration of people.  It was, from the very start, armed groups against other armed groups, the regime.  I’m not at all defending Gaddafi, but what is very specific of the case of Libya is that the so-called […]

  • Tunisia’s Future: Opposition Says It Feels Threatened

      Moncef Marzouki: We got rid of the dictator, but the dictatorship is still there.  I mean the secret police is still there, the party of the dictatorship is still there. Nazanine Moshiri: . . . Rachid Ghannouchi was also exiled under Ben Ali.  With many members of his Islamic al-Nahda movement imprisoned or tortured, […]

  • Tomorrow’s Tunisia and Egypt: Reform or Revolution?

      Arab uprisings are taking place with the historical speed of light.  I began writing this piece following the downfall of Tunisian dictator Ben Ali and closed with the imminent downfall of the Egyptian one Hosni Mubarak.  The Tunisian and Egyptian uprisings are not, as some armchair pundits called the Tunisian one, Jasmine Revolutions.  They […]

  • Tunisia: Continue the Revolution to Achieve Its Objectives

      No to the Continuation of Tyranny, No to Foreign Intervention While the Tunisian masses have been continuing their sit-in in the Qasbah Government Square, and tens of thousands of Tunisians have been marching in Sfax, Tunis, Sidi Bouzid, Jendouba, Nabeul, and other parts of the country, to bring down the “national unity government,” a […]

  • Photographing the Tunisian Revolution

      Nasser Nouri is an Egyptian photographer.  The videos above were released by Ahram Online on 20, 23, and 24 January 2011.   var idcomments_acct = ‘c90a61ed51fd7b64001f1361a7a71191’; var idcomments_post_id; var idcomments_post_url; | Print  

  • Tunisians Vow to Overthrow Government

      “O, Tunisian people, rise up against the remnants of the dictatorship!” Fatima Thawadi, Primary School Teacher: We will not negotiate with this government, and we will never give up.  The Tunisian people will have the last word.  This crystal building in the middle of the capital, the RCD should fear to stay in this […]

  • International Declaration of Support for the Tunisian Revolution

      Below is a declaration of support for the Tunisian revolution written by exiled Tunisian activist Sadri Khiari.  The idea is to recollect signatures for this declaration, so if you are interested in signing, please write an EMPTY e-mail to: <>.  Please WRITE in the “subject” field your NAME, OCUPATION AND COUNTRY as you wish […]

  • Tunisia: UGTT Demands Dissolution of Government

    1. The General Union of Tunisian Workers is a national organization necessarily interested in political affairs, given its history of struggle during the colonial epoch and the period of the construction of the modern state, considering the dialectical links among economy, society, politics, and culture in the process of development, but out task has become more urgent than ever.

  • Tunisia: Major Opposition Parties Issue Statements Rejecting Unity Government

      20 January 2011 19 January 2011 As 4 opposition ministers announced their resignation from the Unity Government, protesters once again took to the streets to express their rejection of any RCD involvement in the interim government.  Protesters shouted “RCD, Out Out!” and were greeted by tear gas, water cannons, and even live ammunition fired […]

  • Tunisia: “RCD Out”

      Calls are mounting for disbanding the Rassemblement constitutionnel démocratique (RCD) or at least banning it from participation in the transition government of Tunisia.  Amid streets chants of “RCD out,” the RCD leadership (such as it still exists) first kept a low profile and then felt compelled to do “something.”  That something translated into a […]

  • Tunisia: Notes on the Army

      Saturday, January 15, 2011 On the way downtown our cab had to stop.  The army and police were both outside the town liquor store arresting looters. The army was arguing with the police and eventually made them leave.  Then this happened. . . I wrote in the last page that, despite what I would […]

  • Tunisia: For a Constitutional Assembly to Lay the Foundations of a Democratic Republic

      1. The success achieved so far is only half the way, and the other half is achieving the desired democratic change and implementing it on the ground. 2. Democratic change cannot spring from the same party, figures, institutions, apparatuses, and legislations that maintained the dictatorship and deprived the people of basic rights for more […]