Tunisians Vow to Overthrow Government


“O, Tunisian people, rise up against the remnants of the dictatorship!”

Fatima Thawadi, Primary School Teacher: We will not negotiate with this government, and we will never give up.  The Tunisian people will have the last word.  This crystal building in the middle of the capital, the RCD should fear to stay in this building.  I even brought my children this morning because I am full of hope, and I am proud they are with me on this street . . . Freedom Street.

Mohamed al-Gharbi: The members of this government were Ben Ali’s allies, and it was them who gave the orders to shoot our people.  They are the ones responsible for giving the orders to shoot our people.  We demand a national salvation government.  I was arrested on 6 October.  I was imprisoned for 5 years for expressing my views, and when I was released, I wasn’t given back my passport, and I couldn’t find a job for this whole period of time.

Reporter: Nora Younis.  Videographer: Nora Younis.  Editor: Mary Joseph.  Director: Mary Joseph.  This video was released by Al-Masry Al-Youm on 21 January 2011 under a Creative Commons license.  The text above is excerpted from the video.


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