International Declaration of Support for the Tunisian Revolution


Below is a declaration of support for the Tunisian revolution written by exiled Tunisian activist Sadri Khiari.  The idea is to recollect signatures for this declaration, so if you are interested in signing, please write an EMPTY e-mail to: <>.  Please WRITE in the “subject” field your NAME, OCUPATION AND COUNTRY as you wish it to appear in the signed declaration.

Best Regards,
The Groupe Décolonial de Traduction

International Declaration of Support for the Tunisian Revolution

The Tunisian Revolution is beautiful.  Spontaneously, without directives, without organization, the Tunisian people have risen up to overthrow Ben Ali, a dictator who had at his disposal a powerful police machinery and many tentacles, a dictator supported by all major powers under the false pretext that it constituted a “wall against Islam.”  Almost unanimously with “Ben Ali Get Out” as the main slogan, the Tunisian people triumphed against the predatory despot who ruled over them.  Within weeks of intensive mobilizations driven by the tragic sacrifice of a street vendor from one of the most disadvantaged regions of the country, the history of Tunisia, and perhaps the entire Arab world, has been shaken.

Beyond this first success, the mobilization continues since everyone knows that the major institutions set up by the deposed president continue to function.  Against the forces of normalization, the forces of change demand in the first place the dissolution of the Constitutional Democratic Rally (RCD), which more than a political party is an organ of repression, surveillance and clientelization.  Everyone knows that without a real break from the institutions set up by the dictator, the popular masses that led the revolutionary movement, particularly youth, run the risk of being deprived of their victory in the name of a smooth transition that would provide no more than some minimal concessions to the demands of the people, similar to what Ben Ali “generously” offered a handful of hours before being ousted by powerful popular demonstrations.  Everyone knows that Tunisians do not expect a façade of democracy, nor do they in any way want an economic policy dictated by the European Union and international financial institutions, whose neo-liberal credo always leads to more unemployment and misery.  They in no way want a foreign policy subjected to the interests of imperial powers in a hurry to end the Palestinian Resistance.  Everyone in Tunisia knows that the shock wave this Revolution has sent in the whole Arab world is a formidable achievement that raises much hope and, consequently, disappointment would be disastrous.

Historical experience has shown that, confronted with dynamics of this magnitude, the powerful of the world over, those who perpetuate oppression and exploitation, will not stop attempting to reduce its reach, cut its roots, and, if the threat persists, destroy it with violence.  In Tunisia, as happened in other places, we have no doubt that some, starting mostly from within the services of the imperialist states, are preparing the counter-revolution to repress the popular mobilization once and for all.

This is why we, activists, intellectuals, citizens, all committed to democracy and social justice, welcome the Tunisian people and its Revolution of dignity.  We give our unconditional solidarity to their efforts to deepen the democratic process and we commit to be on their side to preserve their achievements and to oppose all counter-revolutionary attempts.

Translation by Roberto D. Hernández. For more information about the Party of the Indigenous of the Republic, visit <>.


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