• | Seattle Police Department utilizes chemical weapons to push protestors back over the Black Lives Matter mural on Capitol Hill Derek Simeone Flickr | MR Online

    Silencing Black radicalism since the Cold War

    Describing Joe Biden and Kamala Harris as socialist and accusing them of fomenting disorder in America’s urban areas invoked racial disorder for the majority white voters who cast their ballots for an avowed white supremacist.

  • | Nazi flag flies from Austrian legation in Washington DC on March 12 1938 New York Public Library | MR Online

    How American racism shaped nazism

    Depending on the reader’s perspective, Whitman’s central argument seems either modest or bold, as he claims, “What all this research unmistakably reveals is that the Nazis did find precedents and parallels and inspirations in the United States” (10). The most radical Nazis were often the most enthused about American legal precedents. More moderate, less anti-Semitic members of the Nazi Party tended to be more skeptical of American approaches. For some Nazis, “American race law looked too racist” (5). America “was the leading racist jurisdiction” in the 1930s (138).